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In this context, we would assume our environment to be just as the world we live in, so that then we can liken our minds to be humans in this world. This is a fair illustration for which we can use to compare these ideas, the mind is groomed in a likely manner as if it were a child. Our environment changes and these changes habitually affects the development of the mind.


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Just as a child grow, our mind also grows. When an infant child is introduced into a completely different environment, he has no pre-installed education as to how to go about the common activities in this new environment. This child is not independent in any way, he cannot be disregarded by the already-present humans from which he was birthed from. The mind has built in pre-sets which can be modified, re-arranged, upgraded, but can never remain unchanged for a long period of time. Our environment affects our mind in several ways; religion, ethnicity, conditions of the surrounding, responses to actions, means of attainment. It is often said that “what we think is what we turn out to be”. That is in someway true, but this only applies where there is a total knowledge about what we think. A child who has just been borne cannot generally be affected by his thoughts.


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Our mind is an image, our achievement is what is reproduced when that image is stricken upon the mirror of the world. There is a wide difference between the mind and the brain. Obviously, it is known that the brain is visible and thus, a tangible part of the body, but the mind is transcendent, it’s a world of thoughtful communication. Inside this is contained our emotional state, attitude, belief or credence, even our imagination is confined in this. The brain does the what, when actions but the mind would want to know how, why? The mind is the source control which has tremendous authority over all bodily system.


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At the time of writing this, I understood that unexpected changes can affect the performance of a human, be it good or bad, so that it does not matter how powerful one’s mind has become. Let’s take a person to be reclusive, we possibly would observe that he is comfortably satisfied with his indoor activities. At this stage, his mind is being fed with a little amount of knowledge because of the limited amount of experience so to say. When he is suddenly exposed to a new environment which is totally diverse from the former, he would need to learn new skills on how to survive in his new environment. Now that there is a change to what the mind was being fed with in the previous times, his reasoning becomes altered. Changes are made in respect to the changes in our environment, not necessarily a change in the location but a change in the condition. To aid this concept, we must mention that when he is being returned to his old environment, he is expected to perform or behave significantly different from how he normally would. This is caused by the modification of the regular prearrangement of doing things. This mind has been affected by the new experience of another environment.


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When a mind is introduced into an environment, there is a stage called the sensitive period. This stage occurs mostly for the infant minds. This period defines the artless attraction between this infant mind and its new environment. Here, there is a complete ecstasy and interest for substances, events and ideas. Fully observed, we would see how these minds automatically involve itself repeatedly in a newly learned activity or developed idea. Constant repetition of this activity or consistent practice of an idea will build a new system of how this mind should function. This in a later time now becomes the normal state of the mind, which would grow in deep length depending on the amount of time spent in this environment and the learnt activities and how thoroughly it has been repeated.

In as much as the environment change affects the normal performance of the mind, the choices or decision made can also determine what state or level of performance the mind should be kept at. If a strong-minded person is introduced into a new environment, he can choose to adopt a temporary behaviour or mindset and remain slightly unchanged when he returns to his old environment.


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Eventually, if he is forced to stay for a longer period or permanently, a change is possible to happen. If this possible change is fought by his decision to remain as an unchanged mind, he now develops an allergy to any unfavourable circumstance in that environment. These allergies will eventually disturb his comfortability, which may result in abnormality caused by the unstable functioning of the mind.

Our environments are described by what it contains. These are however what we see, feel, hear or smell. Substantially, what we see affects our sight, what we hear affects our sound, what we smell affects our perceiving experience and what we feel affects how we feel. In what manner would a normal human body react to a given condition of an environment provided he is healthy? An instance where a child is put in a hot room, his sense of feeling which is also temperately sensitive would react to the conditions of this Environment. He would progressively expel sweats from his sweat gland after a few moment spent in that Environment. The same is applicable where our mind deliberates continually on a surrounding which is exposed to an idea- Positive or Negative ideas.


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It is true that we cannot stop the changes from happening to our environment, if at all we can, then it is to some extent, but a change is still bound to occur. It is also true that we can stop these environmental changes from having a significant effect on the mind, but it hasn’t been stated that it won’t affect the mind. These changes having effect on the mind is a choice whether or whether not to allow it to supress your belief on an idea, but it affecting the mind is sure to happen.

This is true because we cannot stop these changes from happening. When they occur, we are prior to contemplate on the issue of this change- what to do, how to go about it, when to take a certain action, why we should do it in this certain way.
This interrupts the current mindset of this human but our response to the ‘what affects us’ determines if the effect is a bad or good effect afterwards. We may be subject to change, but we are not bound to the effects of these changes to our normal mindful performance.



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I guess the environment i was exposed to while growing up made me the man i am today.
Your environment can shapen and define your mindset.

Your environment can shapen and define your mindset.

I agree with you dear


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Very beautifully written and insightful.