Covered in white with a splash of orange!

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My surroundings have now turned white and finding colour in this monochrome land will become more difficult as the days go on...

Unless I get the heck out of here and head south! Find a sunny beach with beautiful golden sands and teal waters?

Or head up the mountain, find a ski village with bight colourful houses and little pubs where you can drink beer by fire light.


Looks like there is hope after all, these last few orange and yellow leaves won't be the end of colour in my world in 2017! They sure do look beautiful though.

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As always comments appreciated ❤️


Awesome.. upvoted followed and resteemed. That Snow is headed our way. I'm out in Eastern Ontario (near Ottawa)

Aww thanks for the resteem and the up-vote, I appreciate it!
Get your camera out for the snow I am sure it will be just as amazing out east.
I just followed yah :)

Yes... we are a family of 4 here -- all on Steemit ... all taking photographs ... waiting for the snow now that we are done with Halloween.

Lol totally I hear that! I didn't really post much about Halloween I was pretty busy that weekend but I am looking forward to more snow shots. Happy posting!

Wow so beautiful

Thank you, it really is the white back ground splattered with leaves that weren't quite ready to drop!

Lovely flowers . Love it

They are actually just really bright beautiful leaves!
There are leave on top of all the snow right now, a white blanket speckled in fall colours I should really go for a walk and snap some photos it's quite spectacular scene out there.

Stunning photo ❤

Why thank you!

my pleasure :)

Gorgeous !!

Thanks girl!