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This is so great, I did not think I would be so happy about this but as it turns out I am!!

IMG_2304 2.PNG

As some of you know I broke the screen on my Samsung S7 Edge amazing phone btw, it still works but it's slowing down due to the completely destroyed screen. So I have been using my iPhone 6 for the past few weeks.

The Samsung has an amazing camera, the display when its crack free is incredible and I rarely have had freezing or lag issues with this phone. I would have kept this phone for a long time if I had not damaged it. There is a lesson here people, buy a glass screen protector.


Anyhow despite all of this I am going to be moving over to the iPhone 8, I do love that it's available in gold and that it syncs easily with my Mac. My main hope for this phone is that the camera is amazing. This is basically why I am upgrading. I want a fantastic camera to record the world around me and as I find it challenging to drag my SLR on all my excursions.

The benefit of breaking my Samsung is that I get to use my old iPhone 6 from2015/2016. I had an amazing year in 2016 and I love having all the memories flood back when browse through this photos on this phone.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Most of my photos seem to be revolving around the water, I do love being out on the lake!!

IMG_1679 4.JPG

Even Chad likes to go out on the water, he prefers the paddle board over the surf board.


Not me! I love to surf,

Or just lay around with my girls,

Or just being a poser on my own!


Summer 2016 was one for the books! I am glad to have all these memories, now I hope my new iPhone will be able to capture life as vibrantly as my i6 did!

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As always comments appreciated ❤️

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Way to stay positive and I look forward to hearing your review on the new iphone. I'm a bit disappointed in my iphone 6 camera after seeing all my sister amazing photos on her Samsung.

Yah it was a major down grade going from the Samsung S7 to the iPhone 6 camera, the light just doesn't get into the lens good enough. Im pretty sure the i8 should be as good as the s7, if not I don't know what I will do. I might have to move back to Samsung and just use a could based photo storage system. I will keep yah posted!

Oh wow ! I seen in this post you live in the Okanagan , or visited ! I have never had a chance to actually go out on Okanagan Lake or afford to LOL! Since living here in Kelowna for 12 years now haha ! So cool to see someone sharing photos from the Okanagan ! I do go out a lot to other smaller lakes for fishing trout though / I have a small piece of property in Beaverdell that I hope to start building a little house on in the spring with the help of some Steem ( Fingers Crossed !!), we put up the power shack this summer with the help of some Steem Haha !! loved your photos @kylaki looks like a ton of fun !!! Following you now but this is my food and drinks account , I will be back to follow you as well on my original blog @karenmckersie !! ✌👌👍👍 🚤🚤🚤🚤🚤

Yes the lake is an amazing place to be, I just love it out there. We are so lucky to have so many small lakes and big ones too it is an incredible place to live for those who love the outdoors! I love food and drinks so I would be more than happy to follow you there! Best of luck on your steem house! Wouldn't that just be something!

That's awesome @kylaki ! And yes it would be awesome to retire early in the country !! Fingers crossed ! Thanks for the follow , you can also follow me in my main blog @karenmckersie , if your following both accounts quite often I up vote and resteem on both if I really like your post ! Best of luck to you on steemit !👌👍✌💕😀

Back as promised @kylaki ! Upped and resteemed , following you now as well in my first and main blog @karenmckersie ! Go team Canada ! Go Beautiful British Columbia !👌✌👍

Awesome thanks for the up vote, resteem and the follow! You are awesome! I am following you too :)

Oh haha just seen this after posting my other comment !! Thanks so much @kylaki ! Me too !!👌👍✌💕

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My sister just traded her Android for an iphone 8 and she is loving it, I hope that you have the same kind of experience with your new phone. So far the only smart phone that I have ever used has been an Android, and I barely know how to operate it lol. I'm more of the old fuddy duddy flip phone kind of guy. But we have to try and stay up with progress or we get left in the dust, so smart phone it is, even if we're not really smart enough to use it! 😎

Yes they are quite the tool if you can find a use for it and learn how it works. It is for a sure a learning curve for a lot of people, I know 20 year olds who know how to do things on my phone that I had no idea it could do. My main use for my phone is taking photos, posting and checking reviews and using the map system. I actually couldn't function without maps, I travel a lot and I get lost even more, google maps is always there to get me out of a pinch! I wouldn't want to live with out my phone most days!
Im sure the iPhone 8 will be awesome, it was supposed to be here yesterday but the shipping has been delayed and now I am out of town! I guess I will have to wait until next week!!

Aww, that's too bad that you have to wait. But you are building anticipation like a kid getting ready for Christmas, right? 😀

Lol yah something like that! I was hoping for some better quality photos this trip into the mountains but I will have to come back when I get my new phone!

I've always been Samsung, but the Google Pixel offers unlimited cloud storage.
I take lots of photos and videos of my kidlets, and I get sick of having to clear out my memory all the time.

Yah Samsung is amazing, but the pixel should be quite similar to Samsung just with less Samsung apps. I had no idea it had unlimited cloud storage, that is a pretty awesome deal! You could take all the photos in the world! I am so bad at sorting and properly storing my photos but on my new phone I plan to be better at it and take the time to organize more.
I could see why you would want lots of photos of those little guys, they are adorable <3

I am very blessed, thankyou :)
NB: Unlimited cloud storage is advertised here in Australia, so maybe double-check it applies to Canada too.
Welcome to the platform, it really is a breath of fresh air.

Yah hard to say hey if it would be the same in Canada as Australia, it is funny how most companies treat purchasers from different countries differently! Well its in the mail now! I will check out your page :)

Look at you all bannered out! Great pics. I've resteemed this because I imagine alot of my followers wouldn't mind seeing some nice looking Canadian girls 😝 Congrats getting your first curie vote, u know I was never fortunate to get one, now I guess my rep is too high? Either way great to have ya on board @kylaki

You've shown excellent judgement and taste here, @goldenarms.

Aww thanks :) @goldenarms totes has great taste!

Yayyy I got the banner set up! Thank you for letting me know I could use it, it makes for such a nice touch.
Aww you are so sweet thanks for the resteem I really appreciate it, you rock!
Is the curie vote the MSP-Canada thing? I haven't had one of those before I don't think, is there something special about it?

It's just a team that looks to find great work that maybe underappreciated. You're doing good when u get one basically 🍁 #1

Wow that is super cool!!!

Ouch! That's one horrible crack, but if I were you I'd definitely not go for the iPhone 8. iPhone is ten times more fragile than Samsung and there are other phones that have really amazing cameras like: the Asus ZenFone 3 which is really cheap but has an awesome camera, the Google Pixel as well has some awesome camera features and the reviews for Galaxy Note 8 are off the charts. I'm sure that you can tell that I'm not an iPhone fan, but I should give credit where it's due, it's super convenient to sync to a Mac and the iPhone X probably has the best smartphone camera, but that's the iPhone X not the iPhone 8.

Haha yah and it just kinda fell out of my hand onto a rock! People around me said I looked like a child dropping her ice cream on the floor. So sad. The case I was using was really amazing because I had dropped my S7 all the time in the past and never had any repercussions but this landed just so and bye bye screen.
I know it's tricky... I normally go android but I do love my Mac's when it comes to laptops. So fast and small and adorable, kinda like my car I guess. I looked at the iPhone X on Apples website but its $400 more than the 8 and it is a 3-4 week wait. Plus I can not get it in gold :( so sad Well I hope the iPhone 8 has as good of a camera as the S7, I am pretty sure Apple can produce something as good as Samsung 2 years later? right?
I guess if it sucks I can always return it! Yay 14 day return policy!

I agree that Macs are quite awesome, and yea no harm in trying out the iPhone 8 and iPhone cameras are always top quality, but iPhones are way to fragile for a clumsy person like me, I drop my phone daily and at times I even try to pick it up with my feet and while doing that, it falls a few more times, but since I got a Huawei my phone is still scratch free

Hahaha reminds me of how I try to break the fall of my phone with my foot... Maybe if I play hacky sack with it on the way down it won't break!
I will grab a glass screen guard and a case asap!! I don't want to break this, I did buy Apple Care though incase I do lol

A screen guard is always a must! At least until the screens start repairing themselves

Yep so true!
It was because had the curved screen I couldn't find a nice screen guard for the phone. They never went across the whole screen, only part way which took away from the whole point of having a huge curved screen! #firstworldproblems

wow great photos, no doubt these phones have the best mobile cameras, although my favorite smartphones are those of the Motorola brand..i can see that you have a great time, cheers.

Motorola is not a big seller in Canada to be honest. They were for a while back in 2007-10 but haven't been lately. The two main contenders are Apple and Samsung. We have a few other brands but those 2 have most of the market covered.
I am buying it from Apple direct so I suppose I could buy any phone I want because it would be unlocked but I really want it to be easy to sync to my computer. So apple it is!

I'm on a MotoG. It's old but I love it 😎

I totally know the one!

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I have an I7 which takes wonderful shots outdoors.. indoors it picks up more of the subject your taking a photo of. lighting is essential to have, if taking pics of anything..

Yah I noticed the S7 took in way more light than the i6 did indoors. For selfies and for photos of others the i6 photos are always pixelated in lower light. I think the camera from the i7-i8 had an upgrade, hope so! I guess I will find out Friday when the phone finally arrives in the mail!

i'd hope they've updated quality more with the i8. on another note. did you manage to manage to acquire any duck eggs ?

Lol no not yet, I was looking for them and then forgot all about the duck eggs! dam brain can't remember the important things in life sometimes. I will be back on the hunt for some tasty duck eggs now that you reminded me of them!!
Stay posted!

will keep posted.
Maybe set a reminder on a device ? like a day when going shopping for foods.

Haha if only my life were so organized I had shopping days! Is that a thing? Lol. I will eat the egg of a duck before November is over!!

same here, rarely organised, unless its for something important. then the skills come into action..
got a solution to remind you. postit note on the fridge ?
i won't hold you to it, but think you've plenty of time to find some ;)

Ya 2 weeks should be enough time, I think I know where some might be but they also may have been quail eggs that I saw and not duck! I wonder if I can go down to the duck pond lol.
Postit notes are life! I have now moved over to this super large posit note which is more like a small pad of paper. I create lists on it and keep it on the counter. When I do enough off the list I cross off all of the completed tasks and rewrite the list on the next note page.
Duck eggs its going on the list!

Finally going to get that new phone hey!?

Yassssss I will be seeing it Friday!! I hope

the good think is many places buy broken phones now

Oh yah I guess they do! I just ordered my phone off Apple and I don't think they have a trade in program... I might try to fix the Samsung and sell it but the new screen is expensive because it's curved! Hard to say what I will end up doing, but good tip!

yea I know the walmart by me has a machine in the entrance that gives you money for used broken phones

Whaaaa that is amazing!! I have loads of broken phones I wish the Walmart by me had that, I will double check but pretty sure it's not a thing here. Great idea tho!

Looks like a lot of fun on the lake @kylaki

Too much fun! I am always ready for summer to come early!!

Look at all those beautiful Canucks. Most beautiful people in the World !