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RE: Do you devalue yourself? Stop comparing yourself to others

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Why do we want to be like others?

Because we are social animals striving to better ourselves in respect to our peers

Who decided what the perfect woman or man looks like?

Evolution. There are objective metrics of physical fitness such as facial symmetry. Also the environment dictates what is desirable and what it is not in the same way you decide about movies and music

Do you realize how boring it would have been if we all looked the same, or did the same things, or even have the same interests?

Thing is, the people who chase the ideal, chase what is rare that it is impossible to get everyone to be the same. On the other hand if we follow your example and everyone stops trying then we will all be the same. Come on. work that logic a bit.

I am not saying that trying to improve yourself is wrong, on the contrary....we have to better ourselves, and we have to strive towards better things, but to be like someone else is not a way of improving ourselves.

Even if you try you cannot be like someone else. People like to emulate characteristics not exactly copy someone else.

Except yourself for who you are. Don't try and change yourself.

Life is all about change. You are doing life wrong.

Create your own route to follow. We are all destined for something and we are all here for a reason. Find your path to follow.

That means change


@kyriacos thanks for your comment! I agree with everything you say....change is good, but do we really have to change according to what society prescribes? If we just follow our own path and be who we are supposed to be, life will be so much easier. Age changes the way we think and act, and I have come to an age where I don't care what people think...I usually just do what I want...LOL!