Always keep your password safe and avoid visiting strange links you not familiar with.....

in #life4 years ago


It feels good to be back again after the loss of my password... As a matter of fact I really did not loss it I just could not login into my account, why I asked my self until I discovered I was not the only one faced with this same issue.

After three months of silence I lost all hopes in retrieving my password not until I meet with @maryfavour who help and conected me with some few steemians who asked for my posting key and some other keys..

So I gave all they asked for and in less than three days am all up and running it felt like its a whole new world and I felt so happy....

I would strongly advice that you should have a backup of your backup when it comes to your steemit password and your private key as well....


My biggest thanks to @maryfavour and her friends and my deepest apologies to @ehiboss for all that have said and done during the past it was just a big miss understanding on the fact that you understand...




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