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Nice educational post and collection of fossils! I live in the Dinosaur capital, it is one of my favorite hobbies to go by riverbeds and see what the flow of water has dug up for me to find( of course I buy some too). It's a relaxing hobby that gets you out and enjoying the land. Thanks for sharing your story! xox


Long time no see! Hope you are doing good.

Well if you're anywhere near Drumheller, I know it all to well. We've stopped by there a few times on our way to the Rockies. It was a while ago, but I'm sure it's still as captivating as it was when we were young.

You must have an amazing collection of fossils. Do send some photos to share if you find the time. Would love to see what treasures you have found.

I was busy at work! Now I'm done for the summer. I live a few hours away from Drumheller but I go camping there every summer. Along the North Saskatchewan river is a good place to look on the banks for marine/plant and other fossils along with petrified wood and Native stone tools. All over Alberta is loaded with fossils. I bought the better pieces I have. Ever go to the Royal Tyrell when you stopped there?If not I did a 2 part piece last year I can dig up. Beautiful museum and largest collection in the world. Maybe I ca do a post of my collection someday. Here is a few pictures in the meantime.

stones-fossil bone.JPG
I never got it checked out all I know it's a fossilized bone I found just outside of Drumheller.

stones-amolite (1).JPG
The second one is a piece of Alberta's Amolite I bought a few year's ago

Busy at work? Whats that?! I dont understand😋
Alright alright, good enough excuse I guess. Glad to hear you have a few months of "freedom" ahead of you.

How brilliant you are living in such archeologically rich terrains! What kind of native stone tools do you usually find? We have a lot of flint here so flint tools are abundant (but much harder to spot).
The Royal Tyrell doesnt ring a bell but i may have gone... Would love a link if you've already posted on this topic.
Those 2 pieces on the photos are pretty special. The bone looks so dark, i thought it was a piece of volcanic rock at first.

Im sure your collection would make an interesting post. Drop me the link if you ever do it.