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I am often asked the question: "Why is all this?" I will answer based on my own experience. Over time, when you begin to see and feel your evaluative mechanism of thinking, there is an opportunity to disidentify with it. He lives his life, and I live mine. I became much freer in my choices.

I know my reactions in standard situations and I treat them like a worker. I want - I accept, I do not want - I ignore. If I find myself in a situation where there is a minus in assessing my personality, and there is no way to leave the situation, I find at least a few pluses, and shift my attention to them. I artificially rearrange the perception of the situation for myself. As a result, I feel good almost everywhere.


I developed my weak points and learned to defend them. As a result, social resilience has increased. I am entrenched in my personality and do not waste my energy. I was no longer interested in any predictions and horoscopes. Most importantly, I got rid of the illusion that people can be remade. As a leader and leader, I often asked people to fulfill my requirements. To this day, it is difficult for me to do something with irrational types, but I stopped being offended by them.

While studying socionics, I received the methodology itself, the scheme, and not the description of the types . I have been fortunate in the practical experience. The description of the types was formed in live communication. I got into a company of people who are passionate about life.

I didn't have to bother myself with lengthy descriptions of types that only distract and take away from the essence. Therefore, the development process went quickly. Of course, it is difficult to remember the entire amount of information, but I limited myself to the necessary. First, I built relationships with my closest circle. Deal with myself. And then as needed.

At first I doubted everything myself. But over time, I became convinced how everything works exactly. To this day I am amazed at how people with mathematical precision managed to calculate these behavioral attitudes and compose a description of types. For those who are less fortunate in mastering socionics, I want to give practical advice.

You don't need to start by describing the types . This will complicate the understanding of the structure itself. Many socionists sin with this very approach. You need to understand the structure, the scheme .

The second mistake is the substitution of the type of information metabolism (IM), the way of perception and processing of information, with a personality type. These are two different things. Information metabolism is a structure of consciousness, an evaluative mechanism of thinking. It is a mechanism for the formation of personality, but it is not a personality.

Third mistake. This is the definition of TIM. TIM is not always obvious in the definition. In the process of socialization, many people influenced the formation of our personality. This formed the appropriate behavioral attitudes. Therefore, there are doubts about the definition of TIM and socionics in general. Hence such an attitude and questions like: "Do you believe in socionics?" In such cases, it is best to seek help.


I often meet people who are not interested in knowing about themselves. They generally do not want to know about social relationships, about themselves, about their life . Social life is taken for granted. Where is it from? Maybe this is fear from the depths of the centuries?

Once for this they burned, imprisoned, repressed. Now is a different time. The time of individuals is coming. Time for creatives. Remaining a gray mouse is in the past. You need to be able to work effectively in a team, be able to create successful teams, and solve complex problems.


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