How an Enthusiastic Approach Can Drive Success in Your Life

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In our time, more and more often there are people who live day after day without emotions, hopes and joy. It is difficult for them to wake up in the morning, to perform the simplest tasks. There is not the slightest enthusiasm and pleasure, although no one has died, there is work and relationships.

The person looks healthy and able to work. Maybe he might look a little sleepy, but he is not alone. Therefore, apathy evokes not sympathy, but a desire to cheer up, stir up, cheer up. But shaking up "outside" does not help much: as soon as the mock fun leaves, apathy returns.


Apathy is often confused with laziness , they compare their state with a "squeezed lemon" or wait for a "miraculous kick" that can restore vigor . But miracles do not happen. Without the help of vivid emotions, apathy will not dissipate. But it can lead to clinical depression . In order not to bring yourself to drugs and a psychiatrist, it is worth starting a debriefing to find out the origins of apathy.

The main cause of apathy is the blockage of emotions. Blocked emotions are like food in the refrigerator. If they are not "eaten" (not survived), they themselves go bad and poison everything around. This is not a banal feeling of hopelessness. This is a very real beginning of the disease from the fact that a person decided to pretend that everything is fine with him.

At the heart of empathy is a person's ability to empathize and empathize. No feelings? You can go from the opposite - start to empathize. Then emotions will slowly come to life. Then one will begin to cling to another: the more we worry, the more acutely our own emotions will begin to manifest. This will gradually show sensitivity, the ability to integrate into the company, and sincere interest.

When learning to empathize, it is important not to go to the other extreme - not to let other people's experiences overwhelm you. But once you work out your skills of emotional openness, you can gain a useful quality - confidently forging new relationships. New emotions will come with relationships.

Today many people get lost when they hear the standard question about the most vivid memory. It doesn't seem to exist. They say: “I had everything, like everyone else. I have nothing to remember. " But man did not appear out of nowhere. He had and still have relatives, ancestors, origins.

On the one hand, you are not alone in your condition, on the other, your story is unique. To "distract" yourself from apathy, you can immerse yourself in drawing up a family tree, learn more about the fate of all family members, ask about the places of life and burial. Then - go to those cities or villages where your ancestors lived, try to feel this atmosphere. Perhaps this will awaken new sensations and emotions.

What does pedigree information give people? The feeling that their fate is voluminous and woven from the events, sorrows and joys of their ancestors. And also - the understanding that any situation can be experienced.

If you feel like wailing like a wolf on the big moon, try carving out 30 minutes every day and devote time to pleasant experiences. What is it for? To “ground”, recount your life in small fragments and start dreaming again.

If on the first day it is possible to evoke at least one positive emotion , this is already a victory over a gray lady named Apathy. Pleasant feelings, like beads, are strung on daily life and gradually lead to changes.

Apathy is not a condition of one day. In order not to bring yourself to a state where everything is bad and you do not know whether it is worth living, it is important to constantly monitor your emotional state:

Constantly monitor your condition . If you feel that your morning coffee is no longer so tasty, and the question “ why live ?” Crept into your head , you need to urgently buy tickets for a concert or throw a party.

Luring the mood with exercise . Endorphins do not appear only after a delicious cake or after sex. They occur after a walk, dance, or one hour of work at the gym. By the way, at a dance or in the gym, acquaintances happen that end in sex. So we dance and run.


Do not wait for the bad mood to "dissipate" by itself . If apathy is not the result of loss or recent negative emotions, the condition itself can only get worse. In order not to let yourself slip into a state of complete indifference, everything can go: help from friends, vacation, training, a creative date, a rock concert.

It is difficult to get rid of apathy when you constantly feel tired . It is difficult to maintain an emotional state when you cannot distinguish emotions. It is difficult to find an answer to the question: "Why all this" if you constantly feel loneliness . But apathy can lead to depression. In order not to give her a chance - you need to not allow emotions to deteriorate: to revise, update, replenish stocks of positive.


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