How much is in the sky

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How much is in the sky

I look up at the ghostly sky, It
looks from an immeasurable height
There, where I was, and where I was not,
At our petty aspirations and dreams.

On how we enter the world, and how we wander in it,
On how we see the light and how we meet the darkness,
And how we go on our last journey.
But he never cares about us.

It does not cry and does not know pain,
It does not believe lies and does not recognize the truth,
It is beautiful, and it bondage
And thinks of each one only his own .

You will not deceive
him with a sly look, Do not rush to try to dissemble with him,
It is always with you - the
Guardian and executioner of your soul.

With him you will share your loneliness
And you will get lost in a dense crowd;
It will forgive, even though you do not appreciate it:
it does not exist - it is only in you.


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