How to develop natural magnetism in yourself

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Perhaps the thought did not occur to you that you yourself (your body) are a kind of permanent electric battery, constantly receiving and then releasing power from itself. This battery constantly gives attractive and repulsive currents. These currents are felt at times, for example, if you wish to impress others; sometimes they do not confess,

Magnetism is a force by which each of us "attracts" events, people, and everything that surrounds us. If personal magnetism is poorly developed or has a negative “charge”, then you will attract “wrong” situations, events and opportunities. How to develop your personal magnetism and increase your ability to attract success?


Personal magnetism is neither magic nor magic . This is science , namely the physical and energetic Law of magnetism. Of course, everyone knows how magnets work - they attract metal objects to themselves. But the ability to attract and attract is not only in magnets or metals.

Quantum physics has proven that any object and any living thing emits certain energy frequencies . According to the law of magnetism, there is a constant exchange of energy between us and the world around us . What we attract into our life depends on the frequency at which we radiate energy.

For example, if a person is filled with fears, doubts, “draws” scary pictures in his mind, then he will “charge” his personal magnetism with negative. And sooner or later he will attract into his reality that which so scares him.

People who have highly developed personal magnetism are also said to have a strong "charisma". Surely you know such people (or you yourself are such :)) - when they enter the room, they immediately draw attention to themselves.

Such people seem to glow - they radiate a powerful inner strength . Their eyes shine, they are full of inspiration, their voice is confident and calm. You want to listen to them, be close to them, follow them. And in their life, as if by magic, "everything is fine."

In fact, we all have the power of magnetism. But not everyone succeeds in activating and manifesting this power. Negative thoughts and feelings prevent the manifestation and strengthening of your personal magnetism. For example, passivity, the desire for revenge, resentment, envy, hatred, feelings of inferiority, and lack of self-confidence all reduce personal attraction.

And also the magnetic force can "dissipate" - if you often lack concentration, your attention is scattered, you think one thing and do another, etc. Strong concentration, focus and focus greatly enhance the ability to be a magnet for success.

Inability to control your feelings and emotions, dependence on something also reduces the magnetic ability.

When our gadgets "sit down", we "charge" them. Likewise, personal magnetic ability can be charged and enhanced. Each of us radiates inner strength and energy. But they are often blocked and cannot circulate freely throughout the body and organs.

Do one very simple exercise right now . Raise your right hand straight in front of you, squeeze it into a fist, tighten all the muscles of the arm. Stretch until you feel your hand shaking slightly. A slight tremor indicates that the muscles are tense enough.

Hold this tension for a few seconds and breathe deeply. Then slowly relax your muscles on a long, calm exhale. At the same time, you will feel a slight tingling sensation in your hand. This sensation indicates that a certain amount of energy has been released, which "charges" your energy field .

It is not for nothing that most athletes are very energetic, active people who are used to acting and getting results . Sports and regular exercise increase personal energy and vitality .

And vice versa - a "stagnant" lifestyle, passive position, poor physical activity significantly reduce the level of energy and personal magnetism .

What you "radiate", your inner energy and strength, returns to you in the form of certain people, situations, events and everything material . What your reality is filled with depends on your thoughts, words, feelings, habits and actions.

And the strength of your personal magnetism directly depends on your awareness. When you listen to yourself, become aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions, you keep track of what energy and force you are "sending" into the world, and make more conscious decisions.

When your reality is filled with awareness, you live "here and now", enjoy life and confidently, easily and with pleasure get what you want.

When you are aware (a), then a deep connection is established with your "inner I" and with the outside world. You think "clearer", increasing your resistance to any stress and "problems".


Mindfulness is not only a path to yourself and your true desires, but also a powerful tool for realizing your dreams and creating your reality!

If you live “on the machine”, not realizing your current thoughts, behavior and emotions , then you cannot create the life you want and attract what you want into it . But if you make an informed choice and take control of your words and thoughts, then you get the opportunity to create life at your own discretion, and not leave it "to chance . "


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