How to find inner freedom?

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Inner freedom is a state when, under any circumstances, we choose what is good and suitable for us. And the mirror of our freedom is the relationship with other people. How to free your soul from the negativity that limits inner freedom and learn to be happy?

Probably, we cannot be 100% independent of the circumstances, living in society, having a job and a family, but our inner freedom can approach this figure. The question is how much a person needs this freedom.


For many, freedom is associated with permissiveness. Freedom is needed not for this, but in order to live your (not someone else's!) Life, experience inspiration and live creatively, joyfully, to be happy and share your happiness with others.

Do not assume that our reaction to events is predetermined and we have no choice. For example, we are told something unpleasant - we feel resentment or anger, if we lose something, we inevitably experience. And few people know that we can choose our emotions and states, we can refuse resentment, anger, etc.

These reactions are just a habit. But you can get rid of any habit and form a new one. First, first find some life beliefs for yourself that will help you relate to people and events differently.


Negative thoughts are immediately followed by negative emotions. If you thought something bad, the emotion automatically turned on. To prevent this from happening, learn not to take all thoughts seriously. There are important thoughts, there are empty ones, about everything and nothing, and there are harmful ones.

Harmful ones usually arise when we hang some labels on ourselves, people and events, divide everything into black and white, and become not free in our behavior. Try to be different, expand your range of behavior. Learn not to judge people.

Often limiting beliefs begin with “I (shouldn't)”, “I never / I always”, “I can’t / cannot”, “right / wrong”. Watch your thoughts. Perhaps some of the beliefs are no longer relevant to you, and you all follow them.

Put your beliefs on paper and analyze. Replace the word "must" with the word "want", if it doesn't work out, then it's time to change your belief!


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