How to improve your future destiny by setting goals

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Do you know how important it is to clearly see your future? After all, reaching our goal, building the future we dream about is possible only when we clearly know what we want, and moreover, how we can achieve it. At the same time, we often overestimate our capabilities of what we can do in a year, but greatly underestimate the potential of what we can achieve in 10.

Do you remember what happened 10 years ago? Or 15. Think back to your dreams then what you wanted. Have these 10 years gone the way you expected, the way you hoped?

Can you say for sure at what point something went wrong, what turning points in life had the greatest impact, what decisions were made. But it normal. Probably there is not a single person who, making a plan for 10 years, exactly achieved what he planned.


An interesting fact is that the next 10 years will pass anyway, whether we like it or not . And it depends only on us where we will be in these 10 years. What will we do to get where we want, what should we believe in, what principles and ideals to defend. Finally, what should become the most important right now, and what will become important later, in a year or

Let's figure it all out, because now is the time to make a plan for the next 10 years. Such that you can be proud of yourself in what you have done, achieved, what contribution you have made to the common cause, what trace you have left in the lives of other people.

Our task is to clearly imagine in detail who we will become in 10 years. For this, so-called guided meditations are often used, in which the voice guides us on a journey in our future, but this is optional. You can do it all yourself, you just need to give yourself 10-20 minutes of time so that no one distracts.

After reading the next paragraph, you will understand the principle of operation and after that you will be able to arrange such a walk into the future yourself.

Closing your eyes, imagine that you wake up in 10 years, look in which room you woke up, who is next to you. Where is the house, where you are, what it is. Walk through his rooms, look in your office what your job is, what photographs are in the hall, who else lives with you in this house. Walk around the house, imagining what it could be. Then you can go to work, if you do not work at home, see how everything works there, where and with whom you work, what you do.

The longer your walk lasts, the more clearly you imagine what is happening there in the future, the clearer it will be how to achieve this. Do not worry if you have doubts, if certain things, people will change, this is normal. Over time, repeating this technique, you will see yourself more and more clearly in 5 or 10 years.

And another important point, do not be afraid of your desires and do not doubt them, at this stage we are just dreaming.


After walking into the future, it makes sense to first write down all your dreams, desires that you imagined to have come true in the future, write them down on paper. Don't think too much, just write them in a list, small or large. Write at least 100 pieces, it may seem difficult at first, if thoughts end, take a rest, and then continue again. This should be done to get rid of them, and writing will help structure them.

After all, the next thing to do is to formulate 5 things that are most important for you to achieve in 10 years. For everyone, they will be different, for some, work and income are important, for others, a family and a loved one, children.

The most important thing in all of this is to make a real decision, make a commitment, do everything possible in order to achieve the tasks set. It is at such moments that you can turn your destiny in the direction you want. All of the most important decisions in life are often made instantly, with a commitment to doing something.


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