How to utilize positive affirmations for personal effectiveness

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Positive affirmations are far from the last position on the list of techniques to help increase personal effectiveness. They are advised to start with them every morning, especially in the first hour after waking up. But what is their use? Are they really that effective?

Positive affirmations are positive attitudes that create an elevated psychological mood using self-hypnosis. In fact, this phrase is a tautology, since the very term "affirmation" implies positive thinking . But to emphasize the effect of the technique, both words are often used.


Official science has not developed an unambiguous opinion on the issue of positive affirmations and their impact on human life . Supporters of esotericism are engaged in their popularization. But to deny the effectiveness of this method is also meaningless.

To put it as simply as possible, positive affirmations rely on the placebo effect in their effect on a person. This is a medical term that denotes the beneficial effect on a person of substances without pronounced healing properties. That is, recovery occurs only due to a person's belief in the very probability of this, and not under the influence of a pseudo medicine.

One of the first to draw attention to this phenomenon was the French philosopher and writer of the Renaissance, Michel de Montaigne, who said that "there are people on whom only attention from medicine is already effective." Positive affirmations have a similar effect, only without the use of medication.

A person receives inspiration through self-hypnosis, which occurs through repeated repetition of the same affirmative phrase. For example, "people like me", "I am a real leader", "I am very brave."

Typically, positive affirmations are used by people who lack a specific quality. Those who are prone to cowardice assure themselves that they are real brave. Those who consider themselves ugly, by all means convince their subconscious of their own attractiveness. Lonely and shy people methodically repeat the phrase about their popularity. Why are they doing this?

First of all, affirmations affect the deep parts of the brain, which are involved in the formation of the subconscious. By regular and methodical repetitions of the same affirmative test, a person, as it were, programs himself for a certain development of events.

There is a feedback law in the world, according to which a person gets what he thinks about. If his thoughts are negative, then the events will correspond to them. In the case of positive thinking, behavior changes in the direction of confidence. Such a personality attracts more positive moments. The surrounding people are more active in dialogue with her.

The popularity of a person grows, they begin to appreciate and respect him. But the first step is to believe in yourself . This is what positive affirmations are based on. By the method of self-hypnosis, they set a person up for victory. The more notorious a person is, the longer he has to flush his own mind. True, many successful citizens do not neglect this technique, enhancing their potential.

Despite the fact that the technology of affirmations is similar to some ancient Indian or Chinese spiritual practice, this method is relatively young. For the first time they started talking about him at the beginning of the 20th century. Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Emile Couet, famous researchers of the issues of success and leadership, became the teachers of the new approach.

He was convinced that in the confrontation between will and imagination, the second is the winner. Accordingly, by the power of fantasy, a person can radically change the way of thinking and behavior, thereby affecting the whole life. What other tools can be useful in this lesson? Let's talk about them further.


For a positive response to start faster, you need to carefully work on yourself. Let's say a guy engages in positive affirmations that enhance his courage and determination, in the spirit of "I am very brave", "I am the most decisive", "I achieve everything I want."

But in order for this self-hypnosis to work and the confirming facts began, he must begin to behave accordingly. It's not enough to explain something to yourself, you need to translate it into reality. All methods work only in case of practice and desire to work on oneself.

Positive affirmations are a valuable tool for increasing self-esteem , discovering your potential, and achieving goals. But they work only in the case of harmonious self-development, together with other techniques. The most important thing is to be active and influence the world around you, and not engage in self-hypnosis.


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