Why managing your worries and anxiety are key step to success

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Fear is a basic human emotion, and it is triggered by the unknown. "What if I'm jobless?" fears like "What if I'm fired?" "I wonder if I can conquer it?" a person wonders after a horrible incident like not being able to take a step after receiving a new job offer. "Will I ever get over it?" That is my opinion.

"What do you want?" and "How do you feel?" are prominent questions from this and other research. Ignoring these questions leads to far greater difficulties. "I'm OK" when we're crying inside. "Don't treat me like this," we say, without feeling. "How are you?" Anger outbursts, despair, and strong reactive behaviours are more likely when you answer "never."


This equation applies to all phases of the development process. If we wish to affect the outcome, we must first define it. In today's world, one of our flaws is focusing on results. But we need to change our reactions to affect the outcome and achieve long-term change. "Why am I reacting like this?" is the real question. "What causes this reaction?"

"What makes me really angry, scared, or frightened doesn't affect someone else," question yourself. "How can he be so calm when I'm so stressed?" you may think. In order to understand why we react differently, we must first unearth and understand the emotions that create these causes, and the thoughts and/or worries that underlying those sentiments. Insane to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results, Einstein noted.

So let us start with being aware of our emotions. To appropriately answer the question, you must be conscious of your feelings. "How am I feeling?" It is easy to answer this question and express your feelings when you are happy. Negative emotions, on the other hand, are a process we are forced to go through and strive to regulate or avoid most of the time. The first three emotions to address are: These;

Anger is a negative emotion and one of the burning emotions. The most crucial thing to remember while dealing with wrath is that it is always accompanied with helplessness. For example, our frustration when we are stuck in traffic trying to go to a key meeting stems from the fact that there is little we can do at the time, but the steps we take to avoid it can vary a lot.

Understanding that we are not helpless in the face of such possibilities is the first step. The cliche "You are not helpless, you are the answer" rings true here. You should then answer two questions honestly: Your biggest annoyance? So, how do you feel?

Anger: The human ego despises failure and defeat. The overlapping of these events generates resentment, impotence, and inadequacy, leading to an outpouring of rage that impacts not only the individual but also others. Among the ways our forefathers taught us to avoid getting into the "He who rises with fury sits with damage" trap are:

We must avoid accumulating unpleasant emotions within ourselves.

Developing our own methods for removing negative energy (walking, doing sports, touching the ground, etc.),

Talking with people whose words, attitudes, or styles negatively affect us and/or hinder them from feeding us freely, on time, and without delay.


Horror: Fear is one of the most basic human emotions, and individuals are terrified of what they don't understand. Every ambiguity that undermines our self-assurance, every "what if" inquiry, awakens our fears and anxieties. "What if I can't find work?" "What if the application process takes longer?" "What if I'm fired?" "I wonder if I can conquer it?" when unable to take a step when obtaining a new job offer, such as fears created by unfavourable conditions, such as negative situations, despite being happy throughout the promotion process. That is the source of your concern.

Self-confidence and belief in one's abilities are essential for facing our worries, overcoming them, or taking a step forward in the process. Discovering our strengths and development areas, taking action to develop them, avoiding individuals, situations, and behaviours that make us fearful are all helpful.

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