Media Blackout On The Thing That Will Cause Our Extinction [VIDEO]

in #life4 years ago

This segment from my comedy news show covers one of the things that is most likely to cause our extinction. ...And the mainstream corporate media won't get anywhere near it.

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Well said Lee. Human supremacism knows no bounds in the way humanity exploits animals. The documentary cowspiracy is well worth a watch as it is a devastating indictment of how our agriculture industry is the most destructive industry on the planet.

Time to go back to a small portion of meat once a day.... I always support quality raised meat and eggs, and still will, but might as well cut back

Also WTF pasture raised are specialty... they're using "law" to rig our food to be shitty and keep animals in shitty conditions. FUCK thats annoying and rude

copyright "delicious disaster"

I agree, there is nothing wrong with eating another living being, we have to eat plants and they are alive. But yes, the quality of life they have is within our ability to fix. And the subsequent waste after the torture is fucking sickening, it is not ok, we are not a mentally healthy society by any stretch of the definition 0_o

I cry fowl play.....
sighs.......i'll get me coat.....

See yourself out hahah ;)

We should be actively avoiding mainstream corporate media in favor of Steemit anyway.

Late stage capitalism.

it'd be great to have your uploads on DTube too ...

Same in Europa, industrial meat everywhere, watch these industrial installations in France:
A french slaughterhouse scandal in Limoges:



This is my exact technique for workin through problems: I go through the entire history of the world to make sure i don't miss anything haha. Turns out it actually works every dam time ;)

Ps: Good job as usual being inclusive and simplifying complex ideas. You do a bang up job dude, cracking me up (insert ok emoji and laugh cry emoji)

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