Learn To Use Your Voice & Be Confident In Your Mind!

in #life3 months ago

It's highly important to learn to use your voice! Many people go through life not clearly expressing who they desire to be and live the status quo in the shadows of society. Hiding behind the veil of a smile they live insecurely, unconfident and sad inside. When you learn to speak up, be loud and charge into social situations like you own your life and are worthy of being in the same place as others, you start building confidence in yourself. The more you share ideas with others you begin to understand how you fit in the universe, you learn more from people and what they are sharing. It feels absolutely glorious to be a godly mind who expresses the inner nature of your being in such a prolific exuberance of your elation.

It's through standing up, and speaking what you believe in that will allow you to be firm in your position of knowing that your an intelligent creator of your own dreams and goals. Never allow negative thoughts from yourself or others take a foothold in your life. Whenever you get a negative idea change it on a dime, reverse that thought and use the negativity as fuel to promote what you truly love. When someone tells something poisonous about you that you know isn't true then flip it and say who you are in that moment so that you subconsciously program your mind with the image of who you know yourself to be.

Do not just take what someone tells you that you know to be negative because then you just accept that thought as a sponge, speak, be heard and let the world know what you are creating! Share your positive mind and love with those around you and fly! You are a brilliant cosmic star of expressive explosions of evolution!

Never Give Up, Never Die, Don't be afraid to Cry.
The World Loves You, Show Your Determination & Drive!
We are watching closely who you will become!
Be a shining light, an example of what you desire to see in those around you and it will manifest magically! Be a Teacher clear and concise and fill the minds with positive nice!

Thank you for being you, and remember to let go of negative ego.
Understand that self-respect is key!
Say no or yes when you want to!
Get Angry when you mean it!
Don't bottle emotions to stress your tensions!
Communication Connects Completion!
Ease your worries away and paint the visions of today!
Learn to forgive and understand those who live!
Laugh, Love & Learn Lustrously!
We are all figuring this dream out so let's play it now!

With all my Heart & Soul, I love you, friend!
Speak your truth proud!