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In my teenage years I had a serious crush on my cousin (12 at that time & me 15), more of a lusty kind of thing than love. I used to build confidence of getting close to her by softly rubbing my hand on her legs or sometimes on her back. Then one day as we were playing video games (along with her brother) I just got the confidence and slipped my hand inside her trouser and started rubbing her, she was obviously aware and didn't stop me, this continued for a couple of weeks until one day when I was alone with in her room I looked at her in a way which obviously meant "we should go for ;D" ... I pulled her trouser down and one thing loved the most about her was her ass. I touched it but that was it, as she stopped me, I don't know why, it was worth it for me, but I wanted more... Never got it though
Now I'm married but I guess I still have a thing for her. She's still as hot as she were b4.

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