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We wanted to give him a proper goodbye!

Last night was the last night of our visit with @truconspiracy. In the morning, he'll be leaving! Since Pinkie-Pepper and Red-Pepper know how to bake, we decided to bake some brownies for @truconspiracy to show him how much we care, and to thank him for driving all the way down here once again to visit us!



This amazing @little-peppers logo was generously provided by @rigaronib.


Grandpa-Pepper loves brownies too!

Looking yummy Bake, dark Brownies..
Woww @little-peppers love Brownies..
Both Pepper's are cute to do anything...

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@little-peppers It's the Kind Little Things you do for Others that Really Make you Great Little Steemians..................Something tells me that those Sweet Brownies have Sweet Goats Milk in them...............

What enthusiastic and industrious children you are! Well done @little-peppers those look delicious

you can say this is a pepper family reunion, it's really fun ... !!!

This is good of you guys. You guys are loving and caring

Wow! These two little peppers have some mad skills!
they sure pull their weight and do it with a smile to

Every one of the @little-peppers does what they can.

both child are pretty

so sweet of you girls , and for sure rhose brownies taste good , can we have some ? 👶❤️❤️❤️

Nothing says thanks like a warm brownie in your mouth. :-)

Awesome girls! I love brownies too. I know your uncle loved them!

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