Life teaches How to enjoy it

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Today I saw a video...In that, A young man went to a old lady in the road...He spoke nice words to that lady...Asked about her early life, family and sons. By that he knew that she was abandoned by her two sons...Then he asked what is your current need...She said that she was starving for food..some lunch will be nice for her...She asked for 30 bucks...But the man gave her 3000 bucks...And said that I have no valentine this you are my valentine for this year...My heart melted by hearing that.. image
Then I showed this video to my friend. Here comes the major part...He said that all these scene happening here cannot be done by us..because we selfish people can only see these type of videos and share but we can't do any of these things...Then I stopped sharing and I returned to my routine.

Life # lessons

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