Loving behaviors - Are You Loving Yourself?

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Loving Yourself: Steps to a Happier You focuses on the connection between our actions and feelings. If we are not loving ourselves, we will never be truly happy. When we say we love ourselves, what we really mean is that we care about us, that we value us, that we are willing to invest time and effort into helping our self-esteem grow. When we invest time and effort into loving ourselves, our lives will be more enjoyable and successful.

First, by loving ourselves through our actions, we become aware of how much we value ourselves. This awareness can then be translated into words - we begin to value ourselves as being valuable and special. Second, by loving ourselves with our actions, we are able to increase our self-confidence.

Loving Yourself: Steps to a Happier You analyzes the following behaviors: When we take action, we expect that we will receive something in return. We begin to value ourselves more because we are investing time and energy into the actions we are taking. In a situation where we were reactive, we might feel a sense of guilt or shame. Reactive thinking is the reason we get angry and depressed. When we are loving ourselves, we do not react to negative situations as we would if we felt guilty or depressed.

The third behavior that results from loving ourselves is that we take more time to listen to and focus on others. As we continue to invest time and attention into others, we become more effective at the things we do. We become aware of the fact that we sometimes do not have enough time to focus on ourselves. When we are loving ourselves, we do not spend as much time complaining or ignoring others.

The fourth behavior is that loving ourselves continues the action after we have already done it. When we are doing something, we often stop to think about whether we like the outcome, the method, or anything else that we did to get there. If we are not fully present with the action, we may feel a sense of loss. However, when we are loving ourselves for the action, we are more likely to continue doing the same action or even doing it differently.

The fifth behavior is that we do not give up on our goals. It is very easy to lose sight of our goals and objectives. When we are loving ourselves and pouring the love into our actions, we do not lose sight of our goals and objectives. We also tend to be more persistent in achieving them. We may not have the overnight success that some people have, but we definitely have a lot of persistent work and persistence when we put love into our actions.

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