An open letter to @nextgencrypto

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Out of nothing, bernie started flagging me with all his accounts and bots.

I then posted this screenshot in various discords.

Because I found it funny, as joke, but also wanted to warn people.
Because as we know bernie quickly switches from flagging one account to flagging all who interact with this account.

This resulted in many interesting conversations, in the international steem discord severs, but also in a few german community servers.

That's also why I'm posting this now.
I don't like rumours and I believe in a paradigm change.

From now on, not the winner is writing history, the blockchain does.

And with transparency, everyone can make their own judge, if they want to.

@pharesim tried to point out what he thinks I've done wrong. (seemed like bernie didn't like my last few votes..?)

But bernie never told me. He just started flagging and we wrote afterwards. there wasn't more than on the screens^ he didnt respond on-chain

I already stated on discord, that I only upvoted this "antivaxxer", as many called him, because I saw massive flags and wanted to counteract.

I have to admit. I didnt really read the post.

Anyways. I believe negative energy only results in more negative energy.

And positive in more positive.

So besides whether the post I voted for was good or bad. I am in a very better position to make people think about what they do, than you Bernie.

I use logic as weapon. Logic is built into us. It's in our genes.

But you need time, empathy and some knowledge to do this.

And I also know I didn't master it yet. But I'm a kid, as you said. And I'm at least trying, Bernie.

You're the opposite, using brute force.
Because you only act negatively.
Because you think you're allowed to because of your big stake.

And I chose the wrong side?

Can you show me some good content by you?
Something that generated value?

I can show you all how bernie abuses this blockchain.
But I don't need to. It's already on the blockchain.

A big thanks to everyone countervoting ngc's flags on me! :)


Rule by force is the disease.
Who and how are only symptoms.


I got some new messages!


Interesting he points out that flags draw attention. That seems to be the entirety of his purpose: narcissism.

Thanks for standing on the hallowed ground of free speech and personal agency!

I note Bernie tried to use @themadcurator to positively affect Steem, but FTG made it impossible by flagging it to death. This has caused him to retreat to the SOP of simply flagging anyone that refuses to acknowledge his greatness, classic narcissism, and the closest approach to terrorism and censorship available on Steem.

Despite the futility of it, I have maintained my own approach of advocacy of productive acts to grow Steem in response. The dichotomy between my comments and his inability to functionally respond with anything but more flags just keeps me entertained. Sadly, my counterflagging has resulted in me becoming one of the most notorious flaggots on the platform, according to a post I saw today. While I am achieving my goal of demonstrating both immunity to the feeble sanctions he attempts to exert (nothing I hold of value is at risk from the weapons he desperately employs) and creating a record of opposition to such self-aggrandizing behaviour on Steem, I have preferred to be noted as contributing positively to encouraging content creation, as I have in the past.

Nietzsche pointed out that we can become the monsters we seek to fight in the battle. Limiting the economic impact of my little stake applied as flags, and maintaining my SOP of positive engagement will, I hope, prevent me from being sucked into the dark side of such profiteering and flaggotry.

Keep on Steemin' on, my friend!


While I appreciate your doubling my supply of DRAMA, I find it telling that despite the weeks long effort I have undertaken to engage with Bernie, this is the first time I have been considered dramatic enough to merit a token.

Maybe I should try harder?

I've never seen anyone engage in a flag war with Bernie quite so eloquently. I admit though that is why I follow you, though we don't always see eye to eye you are intellectually stimulating and passionate about what you write, the drama was just an added bonus.


Thanks - I think? =)

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Nietzsche pointed out that we can become the monsters we seek to fight in the battle.

thanks for the reminder. i felt myself getting angry and wanting to write nasty posts.

that won't help to be like him.

What we say comes from what we are. If being irritated causes you to deviate from your actual native conduct, it's best to wait a bit for the irritation to disspate IMHO. I wish I did that more TBH LOL. I expect that drunk commenting got me into this flaggotry in exactly that way, and I need to let that be a lesson to me.

Bernie doesn't control what you say, unless you let him. As you point out, I don't think doing that does anyone any good.

If being irritated causes you to deviate from your actual native conduct, it's best to wait a bit for the irritation to disspate IMHO.

indeed. not sure anyone can not think different when angry, honestly.

Bernie doesn't control what you say, unless you let him.

oh but he is driving people away from steemit.. with posts like

'You want "free speech"? Go write in a diary!'

and in looking around at his comments... a great number of folks have left. good creators. too sad.

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Eh sag mal, hast Du sie nicht mehr Alle?

Egal an wem ein "öffentlicher Brief" gerichtet ist, es ist sehr unhöflich solche Beschuldigungen öffentlich auszugraten. Da spielt es auch keine Rolle ob es ein Walfisch oder ein Plankton ist.
Ich rate Dir es schleunigst wieder in Ordnung zubringen, sonnst kannst Du nämlich hier mit diesen Account einpacken.
Ein Anfang wäre diesen Post zu bearbeiten, in dem Du dich öffentlich dafür entschuldigst.
Ich sage es nochmal ganz klar, auch wenn Deine Vorwürfe wahr sein sollten, so hat dies nichts in der Öffentlichkeit zusuchen.
Hier hilft Dir auch nicht Dein Alter aus der Patsche, mit 20 Jahren solltest Du alt genug sein um dieses Problem diplomatisch lösen zu können.
Das was gerade mit Deinem Account passiert finde ich natürlich nicht gut und ich hoffe natürlich, dass Du es wieder geregelt bekommst. Aber Du musst Dir auch eingestehen, dass Du diese Geister selber herbeigerufen hast.
Frohe Ostern

Weil ich ja so große Behauptungen ausgegraben habe

Posted using Partiko Android

Du hast etwas in die Öffentlichkeit getragen, was da nicht hingehört.
Dein Streit mit anderen ist Deine Privatsache.
Hättest Du diesen Post nicht verfasst, wäre heute schon wieder alles gut.
Andere öffentlich an den Pranger zustellen hat nichts mit Meinungsfreiheit zutun.

Das ist deine Meinung.
Und laut deiner Meinung solltest du dich noch bei mir entschuldigen.

Mein Account ist eh RIP.

Außerdem hast du scheinbar nicht verstanden. Dass ich nichts verbrochen habe.
Schau dir mal an was ngc aus dieser Plattform macht.
Allein schon aus meinem Post..
Mit all seinen Fake Accounts..

Und dann bin ich der Schuldige?
Weil ich nicht wie alle anderen die Augen verschließe?

"Mein Account ist eh RIP."

Gibst Du so schnell auf? Nach all der Arbeit welche Du in diesen Account investiert hast?
Du kannst es wieder hinbekommen wenn Du dir etwas Mühe gibst.

Das ist meine Meinung!

Ich bin auf ner Flaglist von nem Dude mit richtig Macht und sehr vielen mächtigen Freunden.

Dem werde ich nicht die Eier küssen, so wie er es verlangt.

Geld ist mir egal.
Der Account ist mir egal.
Arbeit war das auch nicht sondern die meiste Zeit Spaß.

"Dem werde ich nicht die Eier küssen, so wie er es verlangt."

Brauchst Du auch nicht, denn Du bist ihm egal.
Ich denke dass er auch kein Interesse hat Deinen Account für die Ewigkeit zu kennzeichnen.

Deswegen bringt es auch nichts irgendwas davon zu tun was du vorschlägst.

Z.b. Meinen Post zu editieren.
Laut seiner Aussage hat er ihn nicht gelesen.
Also liest er auch nicht den Edit.
Also macht es keinen Unterschied.

Posted using Partiko Android

Könntest Du bitte aufhören Deine Kommentare zu Editieren.

"Außerdem hast du scheinbar nicht verstanden. Dass ich nichts verbrochen habe."

Ihr hattet beide euren Spaß. Du hast eine Flagge aufheben geholfen und er hat dafür Deine Posts geflaggt.

"Weil ich nicht wie alle anderen die Augen verschließe?"

Nein das sollst Du auch nicht aber es gibt andere Wege als solche Posts.