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RE: The Story of Money

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Excellent post, Kevin.

You got me thinking out personal currencies in a whole different way. I was wondering, what would it be like to have a lukestokes coin? What if I looked over the comment/vote history on my blog over the last year and determined who my biggest fans and supporters are and then created a coin and distributed a bunch to them. I could then have special events or live hangouts where the "entry fee" is a certain amount of that coin. If I created exclusive events/content/products which could only be obtained via that coin backed by the story of being a member of a community, then it's possible they could create a value all on their own as others might want to join that community, even if they haven't put in the time to do so organically. Stories are all about value transfer. We like them because they stimulate our emotional responses and our own ideas about reality. Talking about that transfer of experience in terms of value is quite interesting.


That's quite like Patreon! Also there's another matter of honoring the value of the token. Back when Steemit started a year ago, the period before 4th July was a time when stakes were actually distributed without any real payout (other than expectating that 4th July will be the day when payouts are released). Do you think SMTs can disrupt the likes of Patreon? (well other than the analytics and management features on the platform)

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