What do you like gold or silver more?

in #life4 months ago

For me, gold is always a priority, although silver is immediately after gold in popularity, but for some reason I don't have a heart for it, personally, my jewelry is all made of gold. It is also known that silver benefits a person, because it is not for nothing that a silver cross is given for the baptism of a child. Silver purifies water from various impurities, if worn it constantly improves eyesight. By my own example, I was convinced of the bactericidal characteristics of silver. Pierce my daughter's ears, and earrings were put into the ears in the pool lost. We have golden earrings, but since my daughter is swimming, I was afraid that she would lose earrings and put on ordinary earrings "jewelry", two days later my daughter's ears began to hurt and fester. We tried other earrings the same the body does not accept the very thing, the ears hurt. I decided to try silver earrings, since they are not very expensive, if they lose, then it’s not so pity. The ears have passed and do not bother me anymore. Here is proof that silver heals. In general, it turns out that silver is more useful, but gold is more expensive, by the way, useful properties are also attributed to it, but not as much as silver.