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RE: Building Bridges; How Do We Make Valuable Connections in Life?

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It's an amazing article, @chbartist. I have resteemed this because @crypto.piotr has recommended it to me. It's not easy right now to build bridges and valuable connections. Right now, i'm in a hard situation with my parents and my job. My dad is very sick, he will be 70yo in next days and he's very weak. Last night we have to take him to the hospital because he had fever and he even cannot move and response. Then, back in the hospital, my sister's husban recriminated me because i have done not enough for my father and my mom. He didn't recognize my effort to live in the apartment and go to my parents house. He's very hypocrit because what he said hurt me so emotionally and created me a missmotivation on everything in my life and never on what he said he never do. So, i dunno what to do

Dear @maikelblogo

It's not easy right now to build bridges and valuable connections

So far you're doing great job on this platform. Being so responsive and supportive is a way to go.

Im so sorry to hear about your father. Luckily he had a long and hopefully good life. Not many are blessed with it.

So, i dunno what to do

I can tell you what to do: BE STRONG!

Because this is what your family may need the most. Old people live in their own "dream world" and they may hurt you a lot. One day your father will be gone. But you will still be here.

Treat it as a challenge. Something that will shape you and make you stronger for the rest of your life.