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RE: Sigh. But okay. Life is good even when it's not.

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I totally understand that, I've been feeling pretty down on myself lately as well. I did go from a well paying job to working toward building a business and buying/selling and taking on odd jobs. The path has been very isolating. I realized recently I isolate myself by denying invitations from caring friends. I should reach out to seek help from friends and make time to be rejuvenated by people that uplift me. You're awesome Serena, I love your tunes. I had @amberyooper on my podcast today and listened to the song he created from your poem "Sunk Down to Hell". It's hard for me to relate to a ton of people now in our society, but I have found many like minded people here and enjoy chatting with my fellow steemians. The mainstream society is sick imo and I'm cool with leaving that behind, we are building a more voluntary and uplifting community here.