Daily Success Quote! #44 Are you Wise?

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Quote Of The Day:

There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want and second is to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second.

Logan Pearsall Smith

Gale Sheehy

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Success is the by product of Excellence.

really?????can we not achieve with out excellence???

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really....it is true....every time it happens to me....i need any thing desperately ...and when i git it it seems....hummm it ok

Recognize yourself, explore your passions and follow your passion. Because the important thing is not where the road goes, the important thing is what you learned on the road!

Awesome mechman!

yep,but reality reflects against it.

How do you mean exactly?

Absolutely your quote is excellent ,the wisest mankind enjoy that(Second one).
@markdeheide is it possible to every wisest one??
Every man has some bound in their life. It may be money, may be happiness , may be reputation or other anythings. There are so may wisest people but to overcome all the problem and be success in life is only a few wisest and now they are the example of excellence.
whatever we want ,every time we can't fill that. Some obstacle, some interruption, some weakness stop us.If only a few percent of overall percentages can gain whatever they want then we can't make that the precis.

Well it is our duty to become one of those percentages that actually become truly happy :)

Yeah exactly.Be happy and stay blessed.

A difficult feat. Deciding what you want in life could take a lifetime. Might as well enjoy what you have and where you are in life as we go.

For those where goals and satisfaction are well defined....I envy you.

Yes enjoy the road on the pursuit of happiness :)

Humans never satisfy. If you can satisfy, you've already reached the top!

Yeah but that is not what it means in my opinion this quote. It is not about satisfaction, it is about enjoyment.

What is your success? Is there a lot of money?

For me success is to do the things you love with the people you love to do them with. Money is sometimes required to do so :)

Thanks! :)

I WILL get to the second!!

Yay!! That's good! :)

Success is not about how much money do we have. Success is when we think that if i will die tomorrow i will not have any regret from life.

Yes, but who mentioned money in this post? :P Haha I feel that whenever someone talks about success everybody jumps to the conclusion we talk about money. But I didn't mention that at all, you thought of that. Maybe you should ask yourself why ;)

I was talking in general bro... i don't know why you gets too affected from my point of view... ;]

I'm not affected at all. I just wondered why people always talk about money when somebody mentions success it seems to me that people that are really sharp on that issue, always bring it up themselves. That interests me :)

Ah cool name!