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Anyone who believes in the indefinite growth of anything physical on a physically finite planet is either a madman or an economist - Kenneth Boulding (economist and President Kennedy’s Environmental Advisor)

Welcome to a new post based on data and statistics that can inspire some interesting debate among fellow Steemians!

Let me start with a couple of simple questions: " How many years it took for the Global Population to reach one Billion and when did it happen"? I could not articulate an answer and, surprisingly enough, the answer is: "it took millennia" and we reached one Billion only in 1803. Then the time to add another Billion people started to decrease, formed a plateau and it is expected to grow from now on (based on the UN's medium projection to 2100).


Years needed to add 1 billion peopleGlobal PopulationPeriod
Millennia1 billionfrom origins to 1803
1242 billion1803 - 1927
333 billion1927 - 1960
154 billion1960 - 1975
125 billion1975 - 1987
126 billion1987 - 1999
127 billion1999 - 2011
138 billion2011 - 2024
149 billion2024 - 2038
1810 billion2038 - 2056
3211 billion2056 - 2088

As you might guess, a lot of questions arise...what does determine the population growth and the speed of the growth?

Many factors concur. There is a positive difference between births and deaths (every year 141 million are born and 57 million die, so we add 84 million people every year) due to a decrease of mortality despite the reduction of fertility.


In the so-called Demographic Transition (made of 5 stages) we are in stage 3, where fertility declines because of social changes: parents are aware that mortality of children is not so high anymore and choose to give birth to fewer children. Also, children are less economically valuable and women are socially more important. As a result, the birth rate is falling and the death rate falls more slowly.

During stage 4, both birth and death rates are falling and the increase in population is falling and then gets stable.

In stage 5, the birth rate is rising again and the death rate is low so the increase in population is stable or slowly rising.


Much can be said about how politics can try to influence the Demographic Transition, perhaps slowing down part of the process or trying to limit what families can or cannot do. Education can probably help to solve some of the issues. Unfortunately, it is not something simple to regulate and the discussion can be endless, especially considering other important factors regarding our planet and its limited resources (see one of the previous posts), pollution, climate changes, migration flows and so on...

Do you think there should be a sort of international effort to find a reasonable way to regulate the global population growth or humankind should be left free in this aspect?

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No wonder Indians wrote Kamasutra

excellent :)

Limit the global population? Seems like a much less reasonable and much more draconian solution than releasing the energy technology that has been kept from the public or confiscated. Higher consciousness and these technologies can increase the carrying capacity of Earth dramatically.

Though I do get the sense many peoples' lives are extended much past the point of reason in certain cases. For example I would not approve of vast resources being used to keep me alive past the point I'm able to function.


at a certain point, nature will limit population even if we don't agree

I suppose the artificial intelligence can be replaced and play a role of relief pitcher in the shortage of working population and hope the world population will drop due to climate change, lack of resources, water scarcity, etc.

yes, all these factors contribute to population drop or growth

It is very difficult for global efforts to unite on the birth control process worldwide

I agree with you, at least there could be a sort of official recommendations or guidelines

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Predicting the patterns of global growth is a daunting task, and we must take into consideration environmental facts in addition to societal ones.

Its only headed one way! destruction of the planet. Hope that is not too far off your topic lol

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