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It is one of the most impacting factors when deciding where we should go to live if we care about ourselves and the people we love, our families.

It is the Quality of Living in a particular city.

Every year, Mercer, a human resources consulting firm, publishes a new ranking to help companies determine compensations for employees going to work abroad. Consequently, it should not be influenced by anything else but hard facts.

39 different factors produce the Mercer ranking and they are all grouped into ten categories:

  • Economic Environment
  • Medical and Health considerations
  • Limitations on personal freedoms
  • Social environment including politics and crime
  • Schools and education
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Public services and transportation
  • Consumer goods
  • Natural environment and climate
  • Housing

The following are the first 20 cities with the highest Quality of Living:

#20 Hamburg (Germany)


#19 Ottawa (Canada)


#18 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)


#17 Toronto (Canada)


#16 Melbourne (Australia)


#15 Wellington (New Zealand)


#14 Bern (Switzerland)


#13 Berlin (Germany)


#12 Amsterdam (Netherlands)


#11 Sydney (Australia)


#10 Basel (Switzerland)


#9 Copenhagen (Denmark)


#8 Geneva (Switzerland)


#7 Frankfurt (Germany)


#6 Dusseldorf (Germany)


#5 Vancouver (Canada)


#4 Munich (Germany)


#3 Auckland (New Zealand)


#2 Zurich (Switzerland)


#1 Vienna (Austria)


1 - Vienna (Austria)
2 - Zürich (Switzerland)
3 - Auckland (New Zealand)
4 - Munich (Germany)
5 - Vancouver (Canada)
6 - Düsseldorf (Germany)
7 - Frankfurt (Germany)
8 - Geneva (Switzerland)
9 - Copenhagen (Denmark)
10 - Basel (Switzerland)
11 - Sydney (Australia)
12 - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
13 - Berlin (Germany)
14 - Bern (Switzerland)
15 - Wellington (New Zealand)
16 - Melbourne (Australia)
17 - Toronto (Canada)
18 - Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
19 - Ottawa (Canada)
20 - Hamburg (Germany)

The first 10 positions are dominated by Western Europe countries, mostly German and Swiss ones. 10 of the 20 highest ranked cities are in countries where German is the official language (or at least one of the official languages).

Not surprisingly, at the bottom of the list, there are mostly African and war-torn cities (i.e. Baghdad, Damascus, Brazzaville). In Africa, the 5 most desirable cities are: Cape Town and Durban (South Africa), Port Louis (Mauritius), Abu Dhabi and Dubai (U.A.E.)

What about the Quality of Living, in your city?

pics source: Pixabay

Muy buen post, gracias

my pleasure, @salazargsamuel. Thanks for reading my post

I live in Dhaka capital city of Bangladesh, for the rich all facilities are available, the poor have nothing, the middle class have some. The city is over crowded, traffic jam, new portion of Dhaka is good for living.

that's interesting, I never had the chance to visit your city. From your words, it seems a lively city, with many contrasts

Such a breathtaking view~! I love Zürich in Switzerland.

such an important and charming city, @eunblue


The post is very good, I have not been to any of the cities above, these cities are very beautiful! Have a chance to travel.

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yes, indeed very beautiful! My favourite ones are Vienna and Munich but all are very nice places to visit and to live there

Excellant photografy and place... Ovasly nice. It is dreemply place... thanks for the picture...

thanks @abdurrazzaque! I appreciate your comment

People must seek their quality of life, improve their conditions through living in a healthy and socially livable environment, it is curious to see that in the list presented, almost 80% of cities are in Europe. Beautiful cities and really beautiful environments and landscapes. Good Post friend

thanks for commenting @francisespa. Yes, many of those cities are in Europe and many have approximately 600k-700k inhabitants

nice place i wish for one day make a tour my two favorite Vienna, Toronto nice photos.keep it up.

thanks @kingshahrukh, surely there will be more posts :)

Excellent review, my friend and in my city the standard of living is about average, but I love it! Thank you @marlon6

thanks @serkagan probably we can all contribute to make our cities better places

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