Mommy’s MAD

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So, I want to tell you about superstresfull morning of mine. Although it got me mad and stressed, it’s also funny in a way. My 13 year old son is in charge!

So.. I went grocery shopping yesterday evening and, since I’m not a big fan, I bought tons of stuff and it was difficult to carry them all by myself. I left one or two bags in the car and nicely asked my son, who was at home, chilling on his phone, to get them for me. He was grumpy, but did it anyway! But there’s a catch - he took my car keys and never gave them back to me.

Scene 2 - this morning, 8:30, on my way to work. I work as a school teacher and I must be on time. Carrying my home made coffee in one hand and exams and books in my school bag, in sort of high heels, trying to open my car, it works on sensors..

Of course, I couldn’t unlock it and at 8:33 I realised:
a) I should call taxi imediately
b) I’ll be f***** late

Luckily, I got on time, taxi driver was very nice and he draw fast so I got in front od school at 8:48 (class starts at 8:50).

I’m on my way home by bus, still mad but also laughing and carrying so many stuff in hands. I know, maybe I am spoiled a little bit, but I just spent 6€ on taxi while my car is waiting in front of my building! CRAZY!

Waiting for a bus, 1


Waiting for a bus, 2


Everything I carry around


High heels


To be continued!!!