New beginning :)

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So it’s been some time...

I’m back to continent and also back to school again! New season has officially begun.

Stilt haven’t unpacked my summer bags and new season hit me right to my face. Not complaining, just noticing.

What am I doing?

Still figuring this one out. I did some redocorating, trying to give my home a new, fresher look. We did some wall painting - didn’t paint it black, but WHITE- and I’ve put a funky dot wallpaper on my living room wall. I like the way it looks now.


I also bought a new grey sofa for long winter days... it is very comfy, perfect for my Netflix nights of not going out mode. ;)


Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without a little help from my friends!



I’m exhausted

Yes, that happens sometimes, too. Luckily, I was in good hands and received some vitamin infusions that helped me get back on track again. Mental note to self: Find time for yourself and rest more. Promissed myself I will not (again) forget this lesson.



Clean start

I don’t want to write about this subject superficially, that is why this topic will get a post on it’s own. People say that girl, when she is anxious for some change in her life, visits the hairdresser first. Well, what to tell you... just sending hugs and kisses from the hair salon. ;)


Hope you are also ready for a new season and don’t forget to enjoy the little things, my dear Steemian fellows!





Asi es @matejka13 es un nuevo comienzo y además trae consigo mucho trabajo y preocupaciones, gracias a Dios tenias vitaminas disponibles para recuperarte rapidamente. Y de verdad debemos de aprender a disfrutar de esas pequeñas cosas que a veces no les damos la importancia necesaria

I don’t really speak Spanish, but I understood what you were saying... Everything that happened lately was just a signal to slow things down a little... Everything wil be good, of course- better then before. Besos y saluds!

Maybe you suffered from too much vacation :)
Anyway new things always Welcomed, Get well soon!

Hahaha, funny guy @fako:D
Already feeling much better, thank you! And for the vacation part, I can never get enough:P

I am glad you are ok now. I agree with You there is nothing wrong to be permanently unsatisfied while doing some stuff. Vacation is one of them. By the way the movie "permanent vacation" came to my mind, I dont know why :) I can advice anyway

Wow, I've never seen a dotty wall like that before but it looks fun and unique for sure. Sorry to see you're not well. Take care of yourself and get well soon! Greetings! :)

Opa curo, preterala igraj se i povuci rucnu.
Sad si me podsetila na jednog dragog mi druga koji je znao da me pita..
Zasto vi zene uvek kad nesto hocete da promenite farbate kosu u drugu boju?
Sto ne pokustate da isecete recimo nokte na nogama umesto toga?
Hahaha...eto ...tako da, farbaj se, ne sisaj se za boga miloga :( i uspori..