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RE: Sorry For My Absence: I Am In Laptop Purgatory

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Make sure your browser is up to date. A lot of websites no longer allow the older TLS 1.0 security protocol, and older browsers don't support the newer TLS protocol... I don't think windows XP will support the newer protocol in Internet Explorer; so you will need to run Chrome,Firefox, or some other browser (I think there are fixes for this, but its probably easier to just install a current browser) if you are on XP.


Thanks for the tip!
Its so odd, worked fine on the Friday then Monday wouldn't even connect!

I'll try all you have listed in hope of seeing some pictures again, I think I miss being able to see anyone's pictures more than being able to post them. Just not the same to read it was a beautiful place but only see X

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