5G - Weaponizing the Airwaves

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Get it while you can. Many people are having difficulty downloading my podcasts, my channel is being shadow banned for large numbers of people and for the last 3 days no youtube menu's will open for me.


Wow i cant believe you are here now on our blockchain [email protected] ! This is very encourging to see such a quality content producer come here to post and have your work uploaded forever to our blockchain free from censorship and all issues of shadow banning and control of narratives by bad players ! Welcome Sir, love your work on 5g and i am following now your posts with attention ! Steem ON 4 Truth !

I wondered why there's been no new content on your youtube channel. I thought you might have been getting sick of all the bullshit from the professional shills that haunt that place so often now.

It's good to know you still have an outlet here for your content.

I do greatly appreciate your beating the drum of freedom, but we need to realize that significant numbers of people are averse to it. There is a biological imperative for people to self organize in societies, and this isn't necessarily an evil propensity. The degree of affect that imperative has determines the degree of independence people are capable of, and there is a range from utter enslavement to complete independence possible to us, with a curve that indicates a mean. The lack of public information on this human trait indicates to me that political power depends on this kind of information and our understanding of it being reduced prevents our establishment of systems that benefit us, relative to those that would oppress us for their personal benefit.

Given the observable world around us, this isn't surprising to me. While technology seems to be but enabling further depradations on free people by those bent on their own aggrandizement, with the assent of those innately opposed to their own freedom, in fact technology always more empowers individuals than it does institutions. Institutions centralize power, by combining individuals to effect a common purpose. The individuals of an institutions cannot delegate all their power to an institution, as they must effect power the institution does not to prosecute their lives, but they can do so for limited purposes, and these generally are those institutions effect.

As each technological innovation enables people to do things, their power increases as individuals, but not necessarily as institutions. An institution, for example, can combine the efforts of many to harvest data, acquire equipment to process data using the wealth of many individuals, and project various streams of mechanisms using that data for the purposes the institution is dedicated to achieving, such as policing a community. Individuals can also access data, process it, and make use of it for their personal purposes, and the degree of power they can deploy in this way is relatively greater than that of each individual in the institution doing so, simply because the institution focuses the power of multiple individuals on particular things, and this reduces the personal control of the institutionalized individuals over how that power is deployed.

The total power of the institution is greater than of individuals, but the power of individuals versus individuals working within the institution is greater. As data becomes ever more decentralized, data processing becomes more powerful, and means of deploying mechanisms using that data diversify and grow in affect, this relative power between individuals and those working in an institution increases in proportion to the advance in technology. Eventually individuals using cutting edge technology attain parity with institutions, vastly increasing the power of individuals versus institutions.

One guy with a nuke is just as powerful as an army with a nuke, perhaps even more so, as the individual need only protect themselves, while an army is many times as vulnerable to harm. An individual able to use facial recognition that makes it facile to identify everybody has every bit of the power to identify people an institution with that ability does, once the data is dispersed and processing it becomes trivial due to advancing processing power. Far more egregious examples of the power of decentralization to disempower centralization exist, such as 3D printing, CRISPR, and so forth.

Institutional power is dependent on centralization of means of production which parasitizes the productivity of individuals. As decentralization of means of production continues to develop, parasitization that centralizes power diminishes. The trend is not about to begin to decrease centralization, but has already done so. We have passed peak centralization, and unless technological advance can be prevented, individuals will continue to become increasingly independent of institutional power and able to resist oppression.

Retarding the trend is censorship, and propaganda is an attempt to recruit folks to join the ranks of those intent on being chattel. Neither mechanism can prevent the decrease in the power of institutions relative to individuals that will eventually make oppression impossible. Folks that do not want to be free will suffer the consequences of that relative disempowerment, and decrease the evolutionary forces that impel that biological tendency as individuals are ever more benefited by personally possessing means of production, and not being parasitized. Of course, these are long term trends, and CRISPR will eliminate natural evolutionary forces from directing the development of humanity, but the more intelligent and independent people will use that to increase the ability of their posterity to benefit, rather than to be more easily parasitized, and that will increase the speed of the transformation rather than prevent it or slow it. CRISPR is in the wild, and AI is delivering to the unlettered individual ever more the specialized knowledge necessary to employ every technology.

AI is a critical decentralization technology, not a monolith that can impose ubiquitous control over all. Until a general AI is developed, and this is at least decades away, the limited AI we know today will provide those specific tools it is capable of, such as deploying knowledge of particular mechanisms to laymen, as we see in products like tax preparation software, Excel, and other devices that do accounting work. This is AI today, and avails individuals without such specific accounting expertise of the skillsets of experts. That kind of AI is very common, dispersing rapidly across society, and improving extremely rapidly - and dramatically increases the power of individuals versus institutions. With the inexpensive investment in Excel, an individual can deploy work product that institutions were formerly the only way to attain by having multiple people with expertise to do the work. AI is not some amorphous future demonic world dominating oppression, but today is delivering almost unheard of power to individuals across every field of industry.

Decentralization is actual and real freedom from the oppressive parasites that extract our production and centralize it into institutions. It is burgeoning, increasing across all industry today, and into the foreseeable future that increase does not seem to be preventable as long as civilization is maintained. Of course, cataclysms like war, famine, plague and massive geological disruptions do destroy civilization, and these are the incessant enemies of freedom and prosperity. Our greatest fear should be war, as this is entirely destructive of personal power, and yet the domain of institutions that can retard civilization at will, rather than without institutional control, as are Earthquakes and comets.

To win our eventual utter and complete personal freedom, all we must do is continue to adopt decentralized technological improvements as they are developed, and not succumb to mass catastrophic destruction such as war or subjection to totalitarian oppression. Since both war and totalitarianism are temporary impediments to civilization - as history reveals to always be the case - even those worst case scenarios are but slowing down the inevitable result of the delivery of AI mediated mechanisms to produce goods and services technological advance will create, because physics is the arbiter of what technology makes possible, not politics.

People determined to be free and prosperous will eventually be impossible to enslave, unless humanity becomes extinct.