The Christchurch Massacre - An Independent Analysis

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This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix. Please share.


Good insights Max. As usual, you offer a voice of clarity and reason. Thank you for your work, and your perspective.

Stay vigilant brother, these are trying times we are all facing.

Morning everyone this episode is now a podcast on sound cloud

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Have a great week everyone

A great analysis to be honest I have not watch the video I try not to pollute my mind with the details of these events. Good to hear some logic used and not just well conspiracy. It seems that too often alt media jump down this road and can't fathom they just kill people and this is real, after all whats it matter to them a few people killed. It's much easier just to brainwash someone and let them run wild than go too all the effort of planning a major event, especially with the world watching like hawks. Thanks for some well needed logic on this 👍🏽

Where do I order a t-shirt? 💯🐒

I'm in the Christchurch and was here in the time of shooting and honestly I can't believe there are actually people believing this did not happen at all. Did we really got to the stage of disinformation so deep? I'm sad to hear..