The Christchurch Mosque Shooting - 911, 2.0

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Well I have been saying for some time that I can feel something big is coming. And this event in Christchurch is truly huge - 911, 2.0

That's why there is such a push to control the narrative the "independent media" is putting out. That's why the big 'fake CGI' push and the incredible amount of trolling and cries of shill on my latest video. It was very expected. Its damage control... they don't want anyone thinking outside the official 'independent media' narrative or talking truthfully and honestly about what they are actually seeing

And why 14 years for viewing the video? This is why...

Because its all part of the narrative, and if they can get this 'fake CGI' meme to run, then say goodbye to any truth presence on youtube - and anywhere else as well .

Think people. Think.

That is why there are so many trolls now desperately attempting to control the narrative and push the CGI meme, even though it makes no difference on the broader stage in the slightest. Its still a black op either way - but the CGI meme works to run the 'fake news' shutdown op that is going to come with this shooting.... its damage control.

THINK... that's all I am asking.

This was not a hoax, this was a real shooting with real victims and an assassin. But 'shill' is the new buzzword for co-intel, no evidence of accusation required, just say shill and claim 'everybody knows, anyone can see' and let the trolls abound.... its the 'emperors new clothes' version of evidence :) and apparently the new fad now is that anyone who does not automatically buy into the official 'independent media' narrative of 'fake, fake, it was all CGI' that is being pushed, and even suggests it was a govt run black op with real victims and a real assassin, is "defending the NZ government position"... go figure. ...It's damage control because someone is daring to think for themselves and report on what they are actually seeing without wanting either side of the narrative to be true.


With this very provably false CGI narrative that is being spread - and it is very easily proven to be completely false, they will also be able to ban the independent media at the same time as 'fake news'.... any one thinking about that? … why do people think they put out the fake news meme and staged a couple of obviously fake shootings like sandy hook?

And also, with all the accusations of 'shill' that I am hearing and all the accusations that I am 'supporting the official narrative. No one has yet explained to me how, by saying this was a govt run operation with a trained assassin and real victims, is in any way supporting the official govt narrative... ? - because I can very easily explain exactly how claiming it was all fake and CGI and accusing anyone who says different of being a shill supports their agenda precisely...

But you instantly get accused of being a shill anyway, simply for not going with the flow... because of course, they wont be able to ban the guns if it was 'all CGI' ...right? ...or am I missing something? ... and that's some truly amazing logic to behold

An added bonus for them of course is also that when the lock down comes and activists start disappearing or dying, everyone will also dismiss it as being fake, no victims all CGI... and that's gonna work out great for us all huh?

Always remember to keep your mind open and to think for yourself.

Have a great day


Yeah, it's all fake, and anyone who thinks real people die is a fool. It can't possibly be real. Flat earth and all, it's all fake, ya know... :P P: lol. /s

It's ridiculous how mind-controlled people are with polarized counter-establishment think. "Whatever they say it is, think the opposite, and that's the truth, the end." No critical thinking, just oppositional unthinking to take up the polar side of the establishment narrative.

When I think of things like this I remember what happened on September 2011 and the thousands of people who died that day ......

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I initially thought there was something not quite right about this event. I started to say so on social media but then all these freakos with completely idiotic theories streamed into the conversation and started to muddy the waters.
Probably just a coincidence, though.