The Crowhouse YouTube Channel Disabled

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Youtube has just disabled uploading to my channel. Apparently for 3 months. I will be uploading this weeks show to my old AodScarecrow channel. Please share this information everywhere. I cannot even make a post on my channel to inform people of what has happened. Im simply blacked out.


Re-steemed and shared on my Twitter and Facebook pages good sir.

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Keep your content coming by whatever means necessary Max. YouTube is pretty much written off in my mind anyway

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Re-steemed. Sorry to hear that, but not exactly surprised. We kind of knew this was going to happen as you were getting too close to the truth. Those of us who follow your work know where to find you (your website, here and Bit-chute). I found out from your letter published on David Icke's website before I logged on here.

This episode of surviving the matrix is also a podcast on spotify and soundcloud 👍

Listen to New Zealand - Multiple Players And Identifying The Cointel Narrative - Episode 370 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz #np on #SoundCloud

Damn, sorry to hear that Max. Well, we all need to ditch facebook and youtube and strengthen better platforms. I guess they are helping us do that.

I don't believe people follow the crowds on this stuff. They follow the content. The crowds form, the content creators go where the fish are. People have trouble leaving these established platforms because they're not finding the content elsewhere, even if they want to leave.

The point is it all starts with you, the content creator.

Make sure to post on Steemit where we can find your new videos. I recommend putting the latest video front and center on your web page too.