I'm getting a lot of my comments on youtube censored too and I don't even create any content there. I don't get any notifications when you post a new video either, so it seems like a large scale bitchslap from the youtube ministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda.

Also you said in this vid that the meeting with Ray Broomhall in Brisbane is on the 30th of April, did you record this vid a few weeks ago or did you mean to say the meeting is in May?

This episode is also a podcast on soundcloud
Listen to Surviving the Matrix - We Are Being Set Up - Episode 375 On Conscious Sounds 432Hz on #SoundCloud

Excellent work , Bro!
I agree with all your points... depopulation,transgenda agenda,5G...
Resteemed ;)
I wrote a song against #geoengineering / chemtrails:
also streaming worldwide, check links on my website:

Next song is about the human "Trap"
I will follow you on YT,too... Stay strong, keep on... 1 Love

Greetings from Berlin

Very true as always. I find Steem works fine not censorship here. I've been away for a while but will checkout the last two 👍🏽 💯🐒