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RE: APPICS Update | Sneak Peek Into the Appics App - Become a Tester Now!

in #life3 years ago

Hello APPICS team, I forwarded a mail to Uma few weeks ago on how I can post using the tester program but I haven't gotten a feed back since then. I just hope the tester program is still much available and I hope you guys will still consider me as an ambassador despite my in activitness. It was due to the fact that I didn't get a response from the team. I hope to hear a favourable reply from the team.
Thank you!

Yours, @mediahousent blockchain host.


Hey @mediahousent !
Can you please shoot [email protected] another email so we can get you on the app? Maybe it got lost last time.

Thank you!

Okay, I will do just that now. Thank you!

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