She's An Apple

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The little lady rolled around on the floor screaming her heart out.

Our house has been afflicted by the cold and everyone bar me was suffering from it. Well, I might have been suffering from it, it was hard to tell as I felt a bit foggy from the beers the night before.

As a result, the children were miserable.

This exhibited itself in different ways.

The little boom slept in a deep warm slumber for most of the day.

The little lady, on the other hand, demonstrated all that could be bad about 5-year-olds and had had about 17 different melt-downs and tantrums over the most innocuous of things.


This latest one was because I had asked her to eat over her plate.

This had led to the rolling around on the floor in a snot-faced mess screaming It's not fair.

I looked to the ceiling and sighed and then as if from nowhere started singing a song.


She's an Apple, She's an Apple, yeah. She's an Apple shes an Apple, she's an Apple oh yeah!

The little lady stopped roaring and screaming and looked at me from the floor in puzzlement. This was probably not in her top expected reactions.

What are you singing, Daddy?

Just a song from long ago, lass. She's an Apple! She's an Apple, yeah...

The little lady got up and grinned, hopping from foot to foot. She joined in.


We started singing loudly together swaying about holding hands. As we got more and more enthusiastic we pointed at each other and to ourselves.

You're an APPLE!

I'm an APPLE!

And on and on.

The good lady came in at this point, a smile coming to her face as she saw us singing and dancing together.

She began to join as I was pointing at her singing.

She's an Apple! She's an APPLE YEAH!

Suddenly her face screwed up like a Badger who has burnt the toast as the melody of the singing sunk in.


An Apple?

She mouthed quietly to me over the little lady's head.

You're an Apple!

I yodelled with great enthusiasm.

I pointed at the little lady.

She's an APPLE!! She's an APPLE!!!!

The good lady shimmied in closer.

Are you being funny? Do you mean Asshole? Like in that Dennis Leary song?

Oops... I've been rumbled.

if you don't know it, fast forward to the chorus 1.40


Greetings @meesterboom.

Thank you for posting this very humourous story. This is sure to be one of those memory moments told again and it has multiple least it has a good ending. ^__^

Appreciate the cartoon.......a keeper.

All the best.


Cheers lass!! I think it is indeed a keeper!! The cartoon and the memory both! :0)

Was to edit it down for the little lass. That GIF was the best thing I've seen in a while! Thanks man!

Cheers Papa-P! It does give the essence of the happiness of it all!!

Oops, daddycode has been found out. I'm also glad fathers on this planet do not come equipped with laser vision. The plaster ceilings of our home would have been sliced to ribbons in no time flat.
I've not heard that DL song before. A true classic. And now I'm going to be humming it for the next three days. Thanks for the boredom stomper...

It is a classic isn't it. Once it gets in your head is hard to get out!

The little lady stopped her tantrums after meesterboom sang an unknown song titled "She's an Apple". Later on, the song became a top hit around the world for relaxing the kids's mind. Haha!! Upvoted!

Hehe, one day she will know and I will be doomed!! :0)

Haha! This is funny indeed. Although, I must admit, that I was already laughing after the first couple of words. For a while, I thought, the little lady was your wife. Then, after reading on for a while, I found out it was actually your kid. Later, your wife was introduced as 'the good lady' so that cleared all things up.

Anyhow: I imagined your wife rolling on the floor and screaming her heart out, just because it was cold.

Don't tell me that isn't funny.

P.S. That dancing GIF is awesome! How much time did it take to make it and what programm did you use?

Haha, that would have been a lot funnier if she was!!

That only took about ten minutes, I used an Android app called flipaclip, it's awesome!!

You can do basic


Or you can go full on advanced!


Haha! It would have been.

An android app, okay :>)
I actually have an apple ( I mean iPhone )

I'm an apple...

Don't worry! Its available on IoS!

LOVE it! too funny. Perfect way to goof on your
Here's a toast..."From here to eternity, may singing "She's an Apple" always stop your child from being an apple!"

It's surely one of the best releases I have found! :0D

haha! classic sir the video, I didn't know Denis leary sang, if that's what it was but that was hilarious too!

Hehe, it's been a while since I saw the video but damn it's catchy!!

I found that rolling around on the ground screaming yourself also works. Especially in supermarkets and the like.

I may try it. I like to try new things!

So funny... bad news is when they become teenagers they have those melt downs again - 6 moods in one hour and then your singing is just lame ....

Oh man, I really can't be doing with that. I will pretend I don't know it's gonna happen for the next few years so I don't go insane!

I met Denis Leary and Sandra Bullock many years ago when they did a film, (one I'm sure they are both sorry for making, called "Two If By Sea") in my hometown. Very nice guy! The Asshole Song... what can I say, I think he had me in mind when he wrote it... We had gotten into an argument over the Montreal Canadians, and the Boston Bruins... I still think Montreal plays better hockey!
Funny how little things can amuse the little ones just enough to give one a bit of peace at times!

It's the little amusements that make days of horror that much easier. That's cool that you met him!

Loool that's about how much you can come close to dissing a child and getting away with it

It's amazing. It's my new thing!!

She's an apple, she's an apple indeed

It's a great stress reliever!

And you could say both of your ladies are the apples of your eye. :)

Haha, yes indeed!!

Now the damn song is stuck in my are such an apple! ;)

Hehe, I am!! It's awfully catchy!

Lol, I shall use that next time I'm around someone with a pissy mood. :)

It's a good code word. I think I will use it in work!

Lol, yup yup.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it! The only way to go! She's an apple! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

She is an Apple! It's awesome!

You have to start speaking in code. It takes them a little longer to pick them up but they will. I have never heard the apple song and was well thought out. Problem with women is they always look for the bad in us.

They do! I reckon I have s good few miles in this one with my daughter at least. It's cracking me up :0)

It took my wife about 6 months to understand what post office was lol.

Lol, crikey, you got me there. Go on, do tell!

I used to tell my mother in law post office and she couldn't get it. It's a polite piss off lol.

Oh haha, as soon as I read the phrase mother in law, I knew!!

She knows now as I had great pleasure in telling her what it meant and I had told her post office many times.

Hahahahaaaa OWWWW hahahahaaaa, oh my god I'm dying here, I'm definitely going to have my stepson read this, though it's the current heatwave that's causing the apple like behavior of his children!!

It's great just to get it out in the open when she is being a button and say ,she's an Apple the good lay is fully onboard too now, lol!!

I love that song anyway, you've just taken it to a whole new level of love, hahaha! My stepson's wife read this and was almost crying with laughter and relating- I'm certain that will become a new theme around their house now LOL Come to think of it, my little niece was being a giant apple Friday night...I can totally see E.D. singing this to her, with backup guitar HA!!

Lol, its an awesome song. Or those is awash with it. The best thing is when the little lady joins in and sings I'm an Apple!! I nearly piss myself

it’s a great song! Nice little melody and great lyrics !

It is, it's really catchy!!

A mega LOL from Aken

Damn cold here as well

Damn the early onset of winter!!

Hahahahaha good strategy XD

I should start calling telling the littles "You're being an apple." when they're being assholes.... though I'd wind up saying apple quite a bit.

That's been meet whole day and likely for some time. It's great just coming out and saying it, hehe!!

The real assholes are the Elites that control the financial system and this fattening themselves up by not paying taxes while the common people do the paying taxes and then get deprived of government health care, etc. @meesterboom

Hello @meesterboom, to achieve the joy of children is necessary to be creative and sometimes the most unexpected gets their attention and come out of the trance of screams, parents sometimes we must be comedians jajajja jajja

I just happen to suit a bit of comedy ;0)

Ahhhhh, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I hadn’t heard that song in probably 20 years. Here’s hoping the little one doesn’t sing the “apples” song at school. Lol

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Who knew Denis Leary had a voice of an angel?? First time I've heard of this masterpiece!

No matter how you slice it, kids, like adults, can be apples some times. But, I can't help but note, could this be that turning point why in one of my trips in the future, plates are outlawed by the decree of the God Empress? My God man! You're only delaying the inevitable! All of us needs to unite to stop the looming threat from ever coming to pass. Day by day, I feel powerless as I see the world drifting a dark path. Am I too late to stop it, or is my foresight the reason this is going the way it is!?