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Did you power up some steem today, Daddy?

The little lady gazed at me with her big wide eyes.

What, are you fucking mad?

I shook my head and snorted like a bull scenting a finely vagina'd bullette.

But Daddy!? Today is SPUD!?!

She wailed.

SPUD!? You do know of course that a SPUD in this fine United Kingdom in which we live means potato, don't you? When I hear SPUD I think potato!? What do you want me to do? Eat some fucking chips?


But Daddy, you of all people should know that it really means Steem Power Up Day!? Please Daddy, power up some steem. Think of the children!?

The little lady looked bereft as if I was once again telling her that Santa was dead.

Is that who you think I am? Some fop, beholden to the whims and fads of others?

I chopped at the air about me with an iron hand as if I were surrounded by a flock of angry seagulls.

Do I look like a sheep!!!?? A follower of men!?

I roared.

But please Daddy... What will I tell the other kids at school?


I lowered my hand from it's devil seagull air-chopping. Sinking softly down on one knee, I gently took my little lass's chin with one hand.

What will you tell the other kids?

I asked, softly, as one would speak to a skittish baby horse.

Yes, Daddy. What will I tell them when they ask!?

Her voice broke and the sobs started tumbling out.

I hugged her and held her close.

Tell them I powered up 50 steem.

She stopped mid-sob.

Really Daddy! Really, are you going to power up 50 steem!?

I nodded and smiled.

Aye but you're fucking paying for it and it'll cost 18 pounds. How do you like dem potatoes?


Of course I don't swear at my daughter. Or steal money from her pony fund. It is Steem Power Up Day though, why not power up some steem?

Go on you know you want to!



Why not power up some.. yes.., did anyone today write a NON SPUD post?

It doesn't look like it!!! I just read your post! I wish a few more had bought it right enough rather than using their spare change!

I lowered my hand from it's devil seagull air-chopping.

They lay in wait for this moment.

It's when they strike the hardest!!!

Way to Power It Up like a Rock Star

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Hehe, wish it was more!

Ha ha, this is probably the most creative SPUD post I've seen today. Every little power up helps herd the sleeple 😂

I went with a spud = potato pun-athon in my spud post... Before realising that 90% of the people reading the post wouldn't have a clue what this sarcastic Brit was going on about. It was worth it though to be able to tell the missus today we're going to make our first born spudulikeher.

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Haha!! I almost did spud-u-lie but thought it would be going too far!! I will have to check out a fellow Brit spudding!! :0D

What the hell do you have against chips?!? I won't hear you say a bad word about the most-versatile least-nutritious vegetable ever!

Not an ounce of nutrition in that flaccid white stretch nonsense. But dam n, they do taste good lathered in salt and stuff!! ;0D

Also, if you don't swear at your daughter, how will she learn all the best words? It's not like schools teach anything useful.

Well, I do let soup the odd inventive one. Then make her promise not to repeat it. Lol!!

What? How come I didn't see anything in the news if it's Steem Power Up Day? So typical! Nothing a Spud wrench can't fix. 😃

Haha, if that fails, a SPUD fun might help!!

If it’s not Carbs or Spuds 🥔 then you’re not speaking my language

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There is nothing but carbs and spuds! Thats what I say!

All the pocket money should have gone into the Spud fund. Maybe you should open accounts for the children if you haven't already.

I have thought about it! Maybe I should just do it!!

A fine idea!

@meesterboom, Happy 50 SPUD day. 😁😁

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Cheers mate!! Did you SPUD? I will go see!

Today I've powered up 0.832 Steem. And it's not something new for me because I've never invested in Steem. I have almost 2500 Steem Power only because i invested my time and posted my passionate content and I've powered up my 60% liquid funds (Steem and SBD). Have a great time ahead.

Splendid stuff, you are doing the right thing by the looks of it!

Thank you so much. Have a productive time ahead.

@meesterboom hello dear friend. It is always a good time for powered up, excellent example
happy day powered up dear friend
I think many people join the

I think many did! Made Heehaw difference to the price but it's the thought that counts! :0)

I didn't even know this was a thing, but I suppose I could, but I forgot I have to find my wallet now that it's moved...one more thing to my ever growing list oh well. At least one of us is being a good Steemian, well two if I count your daughter @meesterboom

She is ever the good steemian despite not having an account!! I really should sort that out!

I love spuds. Probably all you can afford with steem these days. (The unwashed ones, and not anything fancy like sweet potatoes). Also your cartwheel footer is very distracting, but still good.

It is strangely hypnotic that footer!

Yeah, might not even be able to afford spuds with it at the moment, lol!

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Haha! I didn't know there WAS such a day!

Really!! It was all over the place, can done bright sparks idea!

I must be out of it sir meesterboom. I don't even understand what " can done bright sparks idea!" means! lol.

No no, its me! Autocorrect on my phone! Some bright sparks idea! it should be!

oh ok, I get it! lol. dumb smartphone!

I should really check before I hit send!

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