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RE: Immortalising My Grandmother On The Blockchain - RIP Yvonne Kleinig 1933 - 2017

in #life4 years ago

This was a beautiful tribute for your Grandma.. She was an amazing woman for sure, and it's obvious to me where you got your passion for music.

Much love to you my dear friend... this was beautiful... I could not wait to get home to read it...


Thanks so much meno, you've been an amazing friend through a really difficult time - thanks for all you do, especially coming by and leaving such a lovely comment.

She definitely started the musical run in my family that's for sure, my brother and sister were far better musicians than I ever was - but singing was always my strong suit, they can both sing and played instruments really well.

Mum can also sing and play guitar, she is a little out of practice I'll grant but the talent came from Nan for sure - thanks again xox