More Reasons to Celebrate Life!

in #life2 months ago (edited)

Today was just like yesterday, another busy day. As much as I would like to blog daily here in Steemit, I keep missing because I really lack the time to sit by the computer to do so. I miss being around here so often, though, that is why here I am trying to log my day before I go to bed. This is another tiring day but very productive. Along with my challenge to myself to become financially independent, God and the universe have blessed me with work and other things that I cannot afford to turn down. I am so overwhelmed how even if I am this sick, I still get offered these jobs and my employers consider me despite knowing that I am chronically ill. It is amazing how God answers my prayers in this way. I miss working so much and I have prayed for this because I want to feel how I used to. I thank God for the strength he gives me everyday to do this and more.

I have been on dialysis for 5 years, these works and the little bit of trading and blogging I do on the side are a big blessing and I am happy I can still do the things I do despite my condition.

Today, my daughter surprised me with a cake that says "NEGATIVE!" on it, showing my Covid swab test result, it's one of the highlights of my day. I am more focused now on our independence and our relationship and as a little family. She is just as grateful as I am in this bold move to be on our own, free from my mother and the rest of the family that were treating us poorly.

My boyfriend on the other hand has been always my cheerleader and the wind beneath my wings. He is always there when I need him and he has been supportive in building and growing our relationship. Which reminds me we are going on our third year this month and I am so excited. Wr have changed a lot in the relationship and definitely we are closer than ever and we know each other more.

Life goes by so fast, it matters a lot when we spend our time wisely in building memories, celebrating life and spending it all with the people we hold dear in our lives. Sometimes we will be lost and lose focus but in the end, if we keep searching, it is just there inside of you that will lead you, you are not lost, you just need to narrow down priorities and focus on the things that matter the most and it is the family you build and the people who love you for real that need and want you. You do not need too many relationships.

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