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Create what you would consider quality content from others, and always strive to make it the best you can. Copy/pasted images, videos, and quotations should be minimal. Be original.

The best way to get noticed is to find posts that you like and upvote them and leave meaningful comments. People will usually check your blog if you leave nice comments on their posts. Just posting alone won't necessarily get people to notice you. Also make sure to not use tags that are not relevant to your post. For example, don't use the photography tag if your post doesn't contain photos taken by you. That could attract downvotes rather than upvotes.

Up-Voting the wrong person, can also put you on a Hit-List...
December 28, 2019... 6.1 Hollywood Time...

Finding you have foolishly chosen to downvote me, I came looking for you @pocketechange.

Because @saboin has done you both the courtesy of trying to help you, as well as provide you an upvote, I won't respond further to you here.

That’s true, but there are only a few on here that are that petty. And some of them have changed their way.

what a good advice 😁!! I do really appreciate it thank u 😊

So you honestly expect reward for such low effort content?

I blogged about Thailand dog meat !! That was low content !! I appreciate advices better than blames 🙏🏻

I was more referring to this post rather than humans eating dogs. Humans are strange creatures. Who on earth would want to eat a dog. Dogs are disgusting creatures.

What !! Dogs and cats are so nice animals , I made that blog Cz I felt bad about what happened in those country’s , I’m not saying people let’s eat dogs 🙄

Dogs are disgusting, lowly animals that need to be removed from the face of the earth. Cat’s are the only animals that truly belong on this planet. And humans are merely here to serve us.

Do upvotes count as internet headscritches?

They count as praying to the mighty Cat in a Tub.

All photos that you use must include a source to where you got the picture from, unless you took the photo yourself.

To receive a vote from eSteem your post must contain at least 50 words.

Hope that is helpful.

Thank I appreciated 🥰

You just have to be patient and keep going. Try to enlarge your network at steem