Hacking Life: Control Your Mind, Control Your Reality

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We are mobile computers, constantly processing information, assessment scenarios and making decisions. Our sensory organs can take in millions of bits of information a second yet our consciousness can only handle a small portion of that. How do we decide what to focus on?

The simple answer is we don’t.

Our minds develop patterns to help us recognize information and group it into families. We then choose different groups to focus on based on our wants and needs.

Let me give you an example. Pretend that you are in the middle of the desert, you have nothing to drink and you are feeling a bit parched. Your mind will automatically begin scanning your environment for sources of water. Given enough time, and desperation, your mind may begin to even fabricate perceptual stimuli to trick you into continuing your search (survival mechanisms are awesome!).


This is an extreme example of the phenomena but shows us how strong our minds are and how we see what we want to.

Why is this important?

When you understand that the mind is fallible, and sees what it wants to, you begin to question your perceived reality a bit more. Was that guy really pissed at me, or did I simply perceive it that way because I “felt” like that was the most likely scenario. We are constantly walking around seeing things the way we “think” they are, instead of seeing them as they actually are. This can lead to some large perceptual errors; however, when we really grasp how we are perceiving things, we can begin to shift things in our own favor.

Take this for example. You are looking for a new job and you are worried about not finding it. What if you could trick yourself into perceiving things as if you already had that job? Do you think this would affect the likelihood of you successfully finding it? I think it would, and I will tell you why.

If you believe (belief = perception) that you already have the job then you would most likely:

  • Act more confidently because you are no longer worried.
  • Experience a decrease in stress and anxiety (leading to increased performance).
  • Attempt opportunities you may not have because you are not worried about the outcome.

download (3).jpeg

The possibilities of this technique are limitless.

It’s almost like you are creating your own virtual reality world that you can live and exist in. Obviously we want to remain connected to consensus reality; however, we get the luxury of adding the “skin” that we prefer. Try it for yourself and see how it works. You might be surprised.

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Our brains works great we try to make similer computers,but they will never reach our brain level

The mind is not in the brain.


Yep, this is indeed the law of attraction. Simple yet powerful. Easier said than done of course with negativity and fear being a human survival instinct. It is a daily decision to think this way. Thanks for the encouragement!

I don't think it is possible to truly control the reality, not like this. A piece of rubbish in the ocean moves with the water, not the other way around and what a foolish thing that would be to think that this piece can control the waves. It can IMAGINE it can, until the rough awakening.

what creates the waves?

You have a great mind for writing @metama. I love the movie the Matrix, and it's great you used it as an example. Funny enough you used an example of perception that I am actually experience right now! I am looking to transition to another job because my current job might let me go. I got a verbal offer from another company and now it has allowed me to be confident when interviewing for additional companies. Even before I got the offer I tricked myself into thinking I had it, which definitely helped my confidence and anxiety. Keep up the good work, upvoted :)

ha :) love the attitude. Thanks for the support. Stay tuned for more awesome content.

what we got on our mind make us happy or not

The mind itself is as wonderful as something the universe/nature can create. The problem is that we identify with our minds - we are angry, depressed, sad etc. because of a lot of little things. Instead of just enjoying the moment, we waste it by being angry, depressed, sad etc.

Smoke some pot and you got control over universe

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

I always love hackers but not BlackHatHacker .....

Life is a mindset game, the more you get in control of your mind the more you are in control of your life. It takes time and a lot of training but it is worth it, i'm glad i'm out from the matrix, awesome post @metama, looking forward to see more post in your blog

Well, i checked your other post and i like the argument that you are sharing.
I'm looking to see if someone post a content about ayahuasca, i think is a greast topic to talk about, thanks again for your work, ciao

thanks @flachito88. Let me know if there is anything in particular you want to learn about. I intend to focus on the mindset/meditation space but also want to share about general health and wellness, travel tips and food!

The film "Matrix" uses the theme of sleep as a metaphor — reality turns out to be an illusion of the mind, connected to the network with a single program. So it was up until the main character has not decided to abandon what he knew before, for which he received the opportunity to see the truth. Waking up in the real world, he realized that he was a weak creature, grown intelligent machines to obtain vital energy from human bodies, which are still controlled by similar programs. True reality goes beyond the wildest expectations and fantasies of the mind.

wonderful comment :) thanks for your addition

What a great movie!

This is a topic nobody teaches you in school and most of the parents do not teach it. but its so powerful when you realise it takes practice to really control your mind. When you master this technique your life gets so much better. great blogpost @metama

Thanks @ivansnz

Do you practice meditation? If so, how did you begin your practice and how has it helped you?

I started with meditation after a friend recommended the book "the power of now". i experienced the importance of meditation and it helps me in so many situations: when im nervous, when in doubt, when im down. Since then live became so much more intense. how did you stumbled upon this topic?

Oooh, power of now is great. I began with meditation after being exposed to it through yoga. I had a period of time where I was a serious seeker, really strongly desiring to "become enlightened". Now I see meditation more as a tool for achieving various goals and enjoy playing around with it.

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Great post I really needed to hear this. Its been a rough couple of days and my mind was going down a negative path. You get and upvote. The mind does plsy tricks with us alm the time if we can percieve the outcome we want to become a reality we can make that reality come to life.

Great article!
Ive gotten into this subject a while back and forgot about it alot and how it effects your daily reality!
Thanks for the post!
Upvoted Followed and Resteemed!

you are welcome @cryptoj215! Glad you like the content

What if I told you this. This isn't our reality. If this was our reality we would remember every damn second our life. But the reality is that we forgets 95% the information we process each day. Why is that an reality when you forgets your very own life? It's like going in a maze but you forgets every seconds you are in that maze and it turns out you are lost. That's why we need someone to sheepard to the right direction, and when we reach to that direction we have reached our goal in life. Again someone have to help us. so the question is who will help us reach us to that goal. Well it's only one man that can help us with that. and his name is jesus christ the son of God. Amen God bless

Blue pill or Red pill??

blue all the way :)

With Determination and commitment, this piece is practically exhibited.

That's true, if we learned how to program our mind we can make our dream a reallity, thanks for sharing!

you are welcome!

Amazing! Our brain is a super machine, the most powerfull and important. Is very important be confidence and see the positive things! A happy perspective is a happy life. Good article!

I enjoy your statement "consensus reality". Every point in space essentially believes itself into being in the same way "cosmic consciousness" does. We REALIZE our self as "I", ..as a singularity. All else is "other". There are two Gods; -1. The Universe within where we are the creator. -2 The Universe without where the entirety of infinite individuality AGREES on what reality will be in the Now.

lol, your words are fiirrrreeee

It's computer who makes the easier life of the mens....

If we could control our mind and keep ourselves in the way of the balance and goodness, we could be invincible.

is this not possible with commitment and practice?

wow this is great. its true most times we limit our minds to mediocrity whereas the mind in itself is a very powerful and limitless tool

Makes me think if only the pills from "LIMITLESS" exist. :)

Anyways its a matter of control.

Amazing post! I love it. Checkout my new post: http://bit.ly/upmyvoteand and let me know if you like it :)

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Gotta keep drumming it in to the masses, so one day they might get it!

Following! I took exercises from the book Mind Calm, a bit of an easier introduction than "The power of Now".. best time to meditate is on the bus! if you take a bus, or when your waiting, hihi.. we wait alot it seems in life hahahhahahaha so Ironic to write that. I had a time when Id do yoga stretches anytime I found myself waiting.

Waiting meditation - Proberbly not a thing until Now! Ha! Best practice ever is Waiting meditation :) This believeing really dose exist, heres proof (one i have a pic of) and this is no joke, I wanted a TV and drew one on the wall, a week later I got one without looking for or buying one..

awesome, thanks for the resteem and for sharing your insights. I've found that I can get really impatient at times and practicing a bit of meditation is a wonderful antidote.

Wow, thanks for this wonderful post, @metama! This is very timely for what I am going through in my life. Take care!

"We are constantly walking around seeing things the way we “think” they are, instead of seeing them as they actually are."

This sentence stick into my head. Very true. It make me think of the state of mind you reach while meditating. In casual day most of us fall into reality without being aware they're in. Look at your though as an highway, regularly sit down on the side looking at your though is usefull, to bring more peace, serenity to your mind. It's like being high, you can fall into it without any control, or you can realize you're high and you control it.

Thanks for make me think again about this dude !

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Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.

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When you understand that the mind is fallible, and sees what it wants to, you begin to question your perceived reality a bit more.

You know I can connect this with the wonderful reading i just had this morning from @hansikhouse's post on "micro-aggressions"...that sometimes we fail to pause and evaluate things before concluding that the other person has "aggressive intentions"


Thank you for this <3

and Oh, Followed...waiting for the next post <3

lo importante es darte cuenta y dejar de hacer lo mismo

Most people hate hacking because of some hackers mentality ! We have to change it.

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Yup, I like NLP. It helps me a lot to control my mind and you know that, when you can control your mind, you can control your body. No stressful, no sick.

How can we control the reality that we all die? ... But by the way I like this article ^_^

by seeing that death is not really the end :)

So can we restart it all like a game?

So is! Reality is that which, when one stops believing in it, does not disappear. Although reality is relative, it depends on which lens you look at it with and the mind because A healthy mind is a healthy body.

we become what we think about in life boss..

nice article.. :)

Cool Post @metama ! My page is dedicated to unraveling and exploring topics just like this! Check out my first post where I you can see a preview video of my content to come. I'm going to be exploring everything from biohacking to dietary experiments to neurofeedback! Would love some steem love from a fellow health geek! Thanks for the great content!

Nice one. I think often about memories and how we really can't trust our own or those of others.

Then I begin to think maybe everything I've ever believed to be true is Bullshit. And like the lies that my parents, teachers and friends told themselves became a huge part of the story iIell myself.

Then I think, should I try and change any of this and relearn reality or is that an impossible notion?

I reckon in the end it doesn't matter all that much how wrong we have been but how much better we can be. And for that it just becomes a matter of acting from a place of love and forgiveness.

Nice post. Thank you for sharing 😉

I don't know if everything is bullshit; however, taking a moment to consider the validity of our beliefs is always beneficial.

Nice reminder! Thoughts become things - we forget how much power we have in our 'reality' and that we can shape the world around us. We are all but mere energy interacting in different ways :)

Great article. I like the work of Joe Dispenza on changing yourself to become better and succeed in anything you want.

I'm skeptical of anyone spouting a bunch of self help advice with who hides behind and avatar and a screen name with no meaningful anecdotes evidencing what they are talking talking about. No skin in the game.

Yes, we just need to be aware that our ego plays a role too.

The potential of the mind is limitless.

our brain is a real amazing part, i tried b4 that use it with eyesight views training, it pro-long my memories and also make me able to memorize the whole view even just a glimpse

What you want is what you get. What you see is what you believe. Great post. Thanks, @metama.

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Do you that convincing yourself you already have the job now actually helps attract you to a now where you do have the job in some sort of physical or metaphysical sense or do you think it just affects your behavior and makes it more likely through behavioral changes you mentioned.

I have always practiced visualization techniques, taught at my old school back in the sixties. One important focus is to first 'see' the end result, and then to work back from there to here to see steps necessary. But in the 'dreamtime' the end result is/becomes the now.
Difficult to explain, but confident that 'such is so', we move forward 'knowing' that 'isness' will be when we are arrived.
Ya! language is often our fall.
--I have walked off into the desert 'knowing' the waterhole has water, and the trees are fruiting, in the isness of the time of arrival at the 'end' of so many days walkabout.
May the blessings be. 😇

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