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RE: Teach your child to be funny!

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That's an interesting take.

It reminds me (in an opposite manner) of my husband, who likes to think of himself as a jokester. According to him, his father, did not have much respect to that. His reasoning went back to the days and slavery and black people being used as a form of entertainment.

Ahhh, the small nuances of what our parents went through that we did not.

Just as a note, my husband is in his 50's, his father had him in his 50's and his father was raised by his grandmother, so slavery in the US which seems extremely far away for us, was a very close reality to my children's grandfather (who they did not get to meet).

Thanks for sharing. I myself, think it is a good trait to be able to make people laugh. I think it is a much more important trait to be able to laugh and that is part of having a sense of humor as well.


The atrocities lived by our grandparents are hard to imagine for our children as it seems to be ancient history to them. Back then they were faced with harsh realities where survival was one of the main things, as opposed to us. The whole idea of parenting had a totally different meaning then. Thank you for stopping by!