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RE: APPICS ICO Progress | Influencer Shoutout by Antoine Troupe!

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Yes. Number one saviour of Steemit users, I saw dancing as a waste of time after putting much into rehearsals, costume and other logistics(Acknowledgement could not pay for those things). So i went into media promotions and event as a means to financially support my self.


Appics is the way.

I can't wait for this trend which says below
#stopinstagram and #signupappics

Appics, the simplification of Passion Rewarded contribution


Hi Michael! Thank you very much for your support, we appreciate it 🙌 Go team APPICS!

Very inspiring story Michael. I always see you sharing your posts in my Facebook group. Keep up the good work and together we can change the world ;)

Yes bro,! I am so excited😍