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RE: Succes in life is easy and free, only if you'd know!

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Thank you so much @mysted for this helpful and great post, as you explained in detailed how does it work :)

Also, in my opinion, one of the most important reasons for success is working smart not hard as it's one of the ways people can gain success easily by knowing and understanding your business type and its requirements unlike spending many and many hours effectively.

Also, Patience is so required for success.
Once people have the best mindset and positive emotions and understand the business environment, they need to be patient to build up their business and it takes some time to start gaining good results.

Thank you again for points above as you referred to some important points, I didn't know before, especially the posture one :)
and for usiing simple images to show the idea :D


Yeah I totally agree. If you start a business what keeps you going is your positive mindset about the idea. Whenever you don´t get the results it´s really hard to keep that mindset, because others and yourself will doubt the idea.

Thanks for reading my post!

Nice info man i am really interested in this article read from start to end. keep it up

Couldn't agree more, to me its all about working smarter not harder and creating time freedom in my life.