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How I Found My Path and Purpose. Take a two minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

I used to wonder how you find your purpose. It felt like a mystery to me. I was good at something’s and not others but nothing that really fueled me. Nothing felt clear. I saw others that seemed so sure they knew. I just didn’t. Then I realized I never let myself desire anything at all. So how could I know my purpose.‬

I was afraid. Afraid of failing or succeeding. I was afraid of change and afraid of being stuck where I was forever. I was afraid of choosing the wrong thing and wasting my life. I was afraid of never choosing anything for myself and dying with regret. I was stuck in a life that didn’t make me happy. I lived a life trying to make others happy, to make them love me and to be accepted by those around me.

How do you find your purpose when you’re living a lie or full of self-doubt? How do you let yourself desire things when you hate yourself? Believing in myself at that time wasn’t an option or at least it didn’t seem like one. I was struggling to survive so dreaming bigger was a fantasy. I was living in a prison of self created hell.

I never let myself dream bigger than my basic needs. Honestly I didn’t think I deserved anything more than that. Even if I had gotten more it would’ve been really challenging for me to receive it. I was restricting what I allowed to come into my life based on my self-worth. The universe only brought me what I was willing to ask for.

I wasn’t brave and I wasn’t strong. I had no purpose or really any direction at all. I was lost. Once I began to examine where I was and choose to change the things I was believing about myself, my desires begin to grow. Desires are the birth of possibilities. Then possibilities begin showing up in my life everywhere. Opportunities seem to spring out of nowhere.

I had to be willing to acknowledge the things I was good at and the things I enjoyed doing. I had to give myself experiences with those things to see what really fueled me there. I had to allow my purpose to come through me and my passions to show me where I could be successful. Once I did this everything started to become clear.

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