500wordsaday day 4 of 5

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What's up, hive members! I'm back for day 4 of 5! Even though I am only committing to 5 of these, I do fully intend to go further afterwards. I just get deincenivized (Is that a word?)with doing the same thing over and over. It happens with all of my writings, to include poetry.

The photo is of some Stromboli that I made the other night. It turned out really well. I prefer stromboli over pizza, but I have been told that the way I make it is different from others. I roll it up and cut it all the way through so that it cooks evenly. I also like the way the cheese melts out and cooks on the bottom of the pan. The main reason I cook it like that though is because that's how I was taught from a guy who owned a pizza restaurant. So that's what I do.

A similar thing happens with the way that I wrap hand wraps for boxing. I casually "train" in boxing for exercise. When I wrap my hands, I fold the wrap over my knuckles 4 times. I have had many people tell me I'm doing it wrong as the wraps aren't there to protect your hands. The wraps are there to protect your wrists and to help keep your hands in the position of a fist. Even though I know that now, I continue to wrap my hands in that way, because that's how I was taught, and that's what I am comfortable with doing. I'm also not actually fighting so it doesn't really matter.

With so many things in life, I feel that you just got to do what works for you. That doesn't mean not to listen to suggestions or criticism, by all means take them into account, but ultimately, you have to make the choice which works best for you, considering all the parameters. As the kids say, "Do you."

Speaking of doing, my weekends are usually busy. I technically have 3 jobs, so my weekends usually come with responsibilities for one effort or another. Today happens to be different. I don't really have any hard requirements for the day today. You'd think such a situation is a good thing, but for me, I can't help but to feel like I'm missing something. Oh well, it gives me a chance to catch up on some of the things around the house. I don't think I'll ever be able to say that I don't really have anything to do. To me, that's just part of being an adult.

I guess I really should focus on working out more. Anytime anybody asks what regrets I have as far as time goes, I always come back with "I wish I had worked out more." A lot of that is just lack of time, but to be honest, it probably has more to do with my inability to break the inertia of whatever less important thing I'm doing at that given time. Well, it's not so much an inability but an unwillingness to put the effort in to break the inertia. As a matter of fact... seeing how I met my 500 words, I'm gonna go work out now. See y'all later.

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