MoonBot 1 SBD Special!

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Hello New MoonBot Astronauts & Current Moonies!

Thank you for subscribing all new Moonies! We are eager to get as many people on the Moonship with that said we have a SPECIAL! We cut the price this week to 1 SBD! or , 1 Steem . Get in while you can!

Want to Enter Our Contest?


We’ll be giving away 5-10 Free Moonbot seats over the week to Moonies who can write a review/ or about why then so wonderful to be taken to the Moon via the Moonbot & Steem!

How To Start:

1.] Step into our discord Here and say, I want to write about the greatest Moonship review ever!

2.] Write more than 500 + words and include the MoonBot logo.

We'll add you to the list to get a FREE upvote!

Yes, join our Discord:


Oh, and join our curation trail


Cool! I have made the 1 SBD transfer.

Thanks @mydivathings glad to have you back on the moonship!

Discord link can't redirect

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Hi @happyphoenix you are correct! fixed thank you so much!

Awesome deal! Im in.. sent my sbd.. Thanks moonbot :)

Welcome back to the moonship @moderndayhippie I'll get you a ticket :)

Thank you so much!

Oh yeah! I just sent the sbd

Thank you and welcome to the MoonShip! @bigtakosensei

I have already sent 1 SBD

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Great to hear! thanks again @happyphoenix and to the moon!

I had transferred 1 sbd