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RE: The life that lies within

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Loved this one! Another quality post strikes again 😋
We have crinoids aplenty in all of our riverbeds and some prints on stones and such. Good call a out the vineyard searching! I cannot believe that ammonite was found in your parent’s barn. It would be hard to believe that they didn’t notice, but hey! Who knows the priorities back then? Haha! Also maybe that’s a spruce or fir tree tip - the one from Nevada? Just a guess.

Also, we went out with a guy who’s a major stone person in California near Lassen (ancient volcanic area) and found a bunch of petrified wood quickly formed from the eruptions - we have it placed all over the property. I love finding neat stones from all my travels and bringing them home 💚🌿


Yet another stone fan. Welcome to the club!
Spruce or fir tree print sounds fine to me... Not gonna argue with the plant experts 😉

Would love to see a photo of that petrified wood you found. I wonder how different it looks from the ones we have... And if you've figured out what kind of tree it is by looking at its bark. I know I can't but im sure you 2 would easily find the answer.

Thanks again for your kind words of support😘

❤️❤️was walking by these rocks I have sitting beneath one of my roses last night and remembered your request. Here are two samples we found. May be a pine or redwood caught in the lava of a pacific coast volcano:



And here’s my rose 😘


Your first one looks very familiar to the ones we have, and your second looks like a different kind of wood I've not yet seen petrified. Thanks for sharing these :)
I love the mixture of something as fragile and ephemeral as the rose, with the million year old living organism turned to stone.